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Out Sourcing Your Screen Printing

Sub-Printing for those who need it

Custom printing service allows your customers to create a logo for their business or for any other purpose they might need a logo for. Since it is not your task to design and print logos- let us do the job for you!

So, here are the factors that are needed to be taken into consideration when authorizing a customized logo:

The Geometry of the Logo

The initial consideration we need to take into mind is the size of the logo. Does your customer want it big or small? What shape should it be in? Does it comprise of a basic geometrical figure or is it far more complex and features a more complicated shape?

Decide on a shape so that we can proceed with the development of your customer’s logo’s design.

The Purpose of the Logo

What kind of a purpose will the logo serve? Is it going to be short-termed or long-lasting? What kind of a surface does your customer want it to be printed over? Do you want your logo to be printed on a t-shirt or a bag?

The Main Design

Is your customer designing a logo to support a cause or their own business? Is the logo for commercial or recreational purpose? Do they want their logo to be all out and eye-catching or do you want it subtle yet classy? Do they want it vibrant and colorful or do they want the logo to be dark and exotic?

What Should You Do?

Are you looking for a classic printing service to promote your brand name at affordable rates? We can definitely help you there!

Wholesale Screen Printing:

For a lot of retailers, printing themselves is an expensive option. They are better at direct dealing with the clients as compared to taking the job as printers. Most of the time they lack a proper knowledge of the type of material of fabric to be used for a t-shirt and the type of ink to be used that would be long-lasting. Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, we provide them with wholesale screen printing as they sub-contract us for printing the orders they receive.

Advertising Screen Printing:

Plenty of times, major brands sponsor TV shows, commercials, sports events, charity events and etc. For all these activities they need their customized merchandize in order to promote their own brand name. Advertising agencies hire us on sub-contract basis to screen print t-shirts with their own, customized logos in bulk. This way they’re able to retain mass volume of t-shirts and we provide them with high-quality printing at a reasonable price.

Since we’re not only experienced but also qualified with each and every detail that goes in excelling screen printing, we are always available to assist are clients whether you’re looking for wholesale screen printing or if you operate an advertising agency.

Drop by your requirements and let our professionals handle your job!

Custom Printed T-Shirts for Church Groups

Why Do Churches Use Custom Printed T-Shirts For Their Groups?

Churches use custom t-shirts as a gesture to welcome the new guests. Everyone loves gifts and souvenirs, and guests respond to apparel far more spontaneously than they do to custom cards. This drives a lot of invitations to the church, especially when it holds an event that requires the presence of a large audience.

However, the uses of custom printed t-shirts have evolved and achieved a bigger, better purpose than just to pleasing the guests.


Churches hold various charity and religious events, if not regularly then at least at close intervals. A lot of times, students and church member volunteer as escorts and helpers to assist the invitees. Recognizing the authority figure or the assistants at the vent is a difficult task. This is why the assistant teams need to stand out of the crowd to be easily recognizable- and what’s a better way to standout than by wearing customize t-shirts?

This has become increasingly popular among churches to help the guests recognize the reporting authority for assistance and guidance.

Security and professionalism

Custom printed t-shirt for teams of assistants handling different tasks is a safe way to go about an event safely. Although it is unlikely to happen, there are still chances of intruders pretending to be a part of the church staff, perhaps to steal stuff or pick-pocket the attendees. When the church assigns its volunteers custom printed t-shirts, it identifies its own crew members and eradicates the chances of intrusion.

Another important function of custom printed shirts is the level of professionalism it serves. By assigning a print for a team, it is easy to identify whom to report to on a certain problem.


One of the targets of your church is to imbed the sense of collectivism in the members who live closely and help them form a loving, helpful community. So, when volunteers wear customized t-shirts to represent the church and work together, they are actually practicing teamwork and patience. They also develop a sense of uniformity and oneness which allows them to come together.

How to Choose the Best Printing Service For Your Custom T-Shirts?

The demand for custom printed t-shirts has skyrocketed over the last few years, considering the response this source of marketing has received from the consumers. But before we begin talking about how you can choose the most authentic professional custom printing service for yourself, let’s ask the real question:

What is custom printing?

If you’re a new or budding entrepreneurial spirit in the industry, your head must be spiraling with confusing questions about different aspects of business dealing. Worry not- we’ve got your back! Custom service allows your business to promote itself creatively and on a large scale. Nowadays, custom printing has received an increased appreciation in terms of its effectiveness as a tool for marketing and that too, without costing you a fortune.

An important reason why custom printing is so successful is because it allows your business creative freedom. This way, you’d be able to establish a certain image for your brand and spread the message of your organization.

How to find the best printing service for your custom t-shirts?


You need to carry out a research and find out about the local printers in your area. Always go for a local printer as they will be closer to approach.

Sample work

Before you trust a printer on their word, look for their sample work or previous work that they have done for other clients. This way you’ll have an idea regarding the quality of the printer’s work and you would be able to decide whether you should go for him/her or not.

Qualification and experience

Ask the printing service how long they have been operating in this business? What are their qualifications? Are the printers certified and acquainted with different types of inks and dyes to be used on different fabric of cloths?

The longer the printing service has been in operation, the more reliable they are for you to order your own customized t-shirts.


What kind of materials does the printing service agency use? Is it a high quality printing ink? What quality is the fabric? Are you allowed to choose according to your requirement?

The quality of materials is important to keep in mind. The quality of your customized t-shirts would only be high if the quality of the materials the printing service agency uses is high. The result depends on the input and therefore, you need to be weary before you invest.

Ask for referrals

A strong and reliable printing agency holds pride over the client history since they only execute their performance at best. Referrals will allow you to speak with the previous customers of the agency you decide to choose. You’ll hear from them their experience of working with this printing agency, first hand. This will definitely allow you to understand what kind of professionals the printing service agency are, how punctual they are with the t-shirts they customize and how high a quality do they deliver.

The last thing you need to do is ask for their fare estimate and match it with your budget!

Family Reunion Coming Up? Get Them Custom Printed Shirts!

Have you noticed how busy we’ve all become, lately? Like it or not, deep down you know your schedule has toughened up to the point where you probably don’t even remember the names of your youngest cousins. But it’s okay, it happens. To cover up for the missing out, you can definitely attend the family reunion around the corner.

Since we’re all so busy, the rare occurrence of family reunions is a relief to your burdened heart as you finally get to see your family and close relatives whom you’ve become so distant from. But just a family reunion won’t be adequate- you need something more, something better to make the day memorable!

Here’s where we bring in the spectacular idea- get them all custom printed shirts!

This is your one chance to make everyone at the reunion happy and overjoyed with just a few bucks invested in a valuable gift. Custom printed t-shirts make the best gifts of all time because they’re always bought in bulk, almost 24 pieces of t-shirts per purchase, which makes purchases far less expensive than buying a solo t-shirt for every member.

Custom t-shirts also have a sense of uniformity and oneness to them. Although you can play around with the designs by tailoring a different trademark or punch line for every member of the family, there still resides a similarity in all the shirts which makes it quite a gift at a family reunion where you’re celebrating family bond. This will give you a feeling of closeness with the family members you have not seen in a while and stairway your experience to the next level.

Family reunions are usually theme based—they can be birthdays, a day out at the beach, hiking on a trail or just a regular brunch at a fancy restaurant. This is an epic time to get your family customized t-shirts that are theme based as well to enhance the whole feel of the place you’re all at and double the fun! For example, if you’re spending the day at the beach, what’s better than getting t-shirts with aqua life printed?

If your family members vary in ages and genders massively, then you can also experiment with the t-shirts and maybe categorize the designs for kids and adults or males and females differently. You can totally go for “guys vs. girls” theme and get blue t-shirts printed for the boys and pink for the girls.

Another hit idea would be to goof around a bit and add a funny filter to everyone’s faces and get them printed on their t-shirts. If you want to go down the cheesy road, you can give all the couples t-shirts with the faces/names of their significant other printed on it.

There’s a lot you can do in just a couple of bucks! Custom prints really aren’t that expensive since they come in a bulk. All you have to do now is to choose the right printing agency!

Custom Printing & its Applications!

Custom printing & its applications!

Customer printing has now become one of the most popular modes of creating a long lasting identity, whether this is for your business, brand or for personal gatherings such as reunions. This is exactly why custom printing has become the new face of advertising as it has many diverse applications that ensure its success. People previously had to invest heavily in different modes of advertising for their events such as high school reunions, but now they can easily just custom print t shirts to promote the event.

Not only is it the perfect choice for events that have to be publicized, but it can also be the perfect souvenir for your guests. Nothing creates a sense of unity, then custom printed shirts. Put yourself in your end users shoes, if you walk into a store where you see another individual wearing the same custom printed garment you automatically nod in respect. This allows people to promote a sense of unity in an interactive and effective manner!

What is custom printing?

If you are new to the world of custom printing then rest assured we have you covered, custom printing is a unique method of advertising. This service basically prints different designs or logos to help promote different avenues and has the capacity of targeting thousands of people. These days it has become one of the most popular modes of advertising for businesses as well, as through custom printing businesses can easily expedite the promotion of their brand within no time.

Besides this it also empowers businesses to create a unique brand identity that increases their overall market awareness by a substantial margin. So now through custom printing a business can easily revolutionize their advertising reach and can target an unlimited amount of end users. The underlining reason why custom printing has become so popular is due to its effectiveness! Many other modes of advertising do not guarantee success, however if a business manages to create a unique custom branded garment then there is no doubt that they will effectively convey the message.

What are the applications?

Another reason why custom printed garments have become so popular is due to the array of different applications that this avenue provides. Not only is it used for marketing a business, but it can be used in almost any setting. Some of the most profound applications of custom printed garments are mentioned below,

  • Reunions
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Field days
  • Celebrations
  • Parties
  • Private events
  • To promote social awareness
  • To promote different causes

How to find a custom printing service?

Finding an effective custom printing service can be quite tricky, especially due to the amount of competition available in the market today. However if you follow the steps mentioned below you can easily stream line your search and end up hiring a superlative custom printing service,

Step 1

Conduct substantial research about the different printing services in your area, harness the power of the internet and use social media platforms to identify the most renowned in your area.


Contact multiple custom printing services and request for an estimate and for referrals from previous clients.


Cross evaluate this information and choose the most cost effective service that shares your vision of using this service to get a message across.




Custom Printing to Step up Your Advertising Game

Custom Printing to Step up Your Advertising Game

Advertising your business effectively is considered to be a core prerequisite for the success of your business in the society we live in today. The advertising industry is currently booming as there are so many different mediums out there which people can use to increase the overall awareness of their brand. Some businesses use TV advertisements while others use a more personal approach including letterbox advertising. But this is just a glimpse into the array of options that people have when it comes to advertising, but currently one of the most effective methods of advertising is in the form of custom printing garments.

Custom printed garments such as T-shirts and other apparel items have been around for quite some time now and due to its capacity of instantly increasing awareness amongst consumers it has become one of the most effective modes of advertising. Previously custom printed garments were only limited to bands and other popular culture trends, but now has become a viable option for any type of business. The underlining reason why custom printing has become so popular is due to the creative aspect of this form of advertising, now not only can a company can advertise their product to the society as a whole but they can also do it in an interactive manner.

Why choose custom printing for your brand?

In this cut throat society we live in today it is imperative that every business advertises their brands in a way that helps them stand out from the rest of the pack. This is exactly why custom printing provides, it empowers companies with a platform to accentuate the popularity of their brands by creating perfectly designed garments that will do rounds in the market. This is the true beauty of this mode of advertising as it allows businesses to target an unlimited amount of end-users; there is no way of telling where your branded garments might show up! This is exactly why custom branded garments allows business to get their message across to thousands of people from different avenues.

Another advantage of using custom printing branding for your business is due to the fact that this mode of advertising is extremely cost effective. Other modes of advertising require a substantial amount of capital and even then their effectiveness is not assured. However garments can easily be printed with your businesses brand at a nominal fee and compared to its application this fee is nothing. These days due to the increase in demand for such services, any business can easily find a company that encompasses their budget and prints garments with impeccable precession.

At the same time custom printing enables the business with a mode of advertising that has the capacity of creating a brand identity. So if your current business is lacking a solid business identity, then your business can easily utilize custom printing to create a unique brand identity that will stand the test of time. Another profound benefit of custom printing is the fact that it uses current fashion trends to target end users, this means that people who have no idea about company might invest in these garments due to the aesthetic facet that they provide. All of the above highlights just how effective and beneficial custom printing can be for your business!

How to Get Unique T-Shirts for Field Trips

How to Get Unique T-Shirts for Field Trips

Regardless of whether you are a teacher, the principal, or a student, a field trip is indefinitely one of the most exciting days of the whole year for everyone. Schools, colleges and universities usually put in a lot of effort, time and money in planning a field trip for the entire campus.

Some schools even opt for custom printed or screen printed t-shirts for these special field trips which is a great way to keep an eye on all of the students in case they strolled off. This is especially important if the students are from primary school or kindergarten because that is the most adventurous age.

One of the main advantages of having custom printed or screen printed t-shirts for the purpose of field trips is that the whole school feels united. The children and adults alike, also get a sense of belonging, since they are not discriminated by the clothes they wear. In some ways, you could say that it is much like a uniform, but a lot more cooler.

There are lots of different and unique designs that can be custom printed or screen printed on t-shirts. However, of course, in the case of school field trips, it is mostly just the name or the logo of the school that is printed on all the shirts.

It should be kept in mind though that the fabric of the shirt that is used for the purpose of custom printing or screen printing plays a huge role in the quality of the end result that you acquire. Many schools forgo this factor and as a result, the students are the ones to suffer if the fabric is too thick or too thin. The most common and indeed the best type of fabric to be used for t-shirts is cotton.

The reason why cotton is favored so much when it comes to the material that should be used for stitching t-shirts is because it keeps the body at a normal temperature between cool and warm. However, this also depends on the type of cotton you select since some people might even be allergic to the type of material that they wear.

Moreover, cotton is comfortable, but not just that, it is a great material to be used for screen printing or custom printing and the result of the ink is neat and dark. This means that if you choose to get the logo of your institute printed on a cotton t-shirt, it would catch color quickly and give you the result that you desire.

Another thing that plays a role in the end result is the type of ink that is used, of course. So to avoid having your clothes color stained when washing them, you should make sure that you only go to a professional who has had previous experience and knows the type of ink that is supposed to be used when custom printing or screen printing t-shirts.

Get Screen Printed T-Shirts for Your Brand

Get Screen Printed T-Shirts for Your Brand

Nowadays, companies and brands are eager to get more ideas on how they can make their logos stand out in a more attractive way. Among the many different ways that one can come across, custom designed t-shirts and other screen printed merchandise continues to be one of the most favored ideas to scream out the name of your brand in a sea full of people.

Getting your logo or your slogan printed on a t-shirt and having your whole team wear it, is definitely a great technique to gather attention and get your name out there, because let’s face it, everyone notices what you wear. There are various ways and methods to design a shirt, but keep in mind that not only should the design on the shirt be pleasing to the eye, it should also feature an excellent quality material.

This way, the viewer and the wearer would both be content, which would help you get the logo or slogan of your brand across and help generate revenue at the same time. However, if your company or brand does not have a logo yet, there are various graphic designers that can help you design one.

Moreover, it cannot be stressed enough how important the fabric of the t-shirt is for the general public that is going to be wearing it. A good quality fabric will tell you how well the shirt can hold its shape regardless of the number of times you wash it or wear it.

The most common fabric that is used to stitch t-shirts is combed cotton. The fabric used in combed cotton is a combination of softness, smoothness and strength and shirts made of this fabric are rather long-lasting, which is why it is one of the most favored fabrics.

That is not to say that only combed cotton should be used to design t-shirts, since there are a number of other fabrics that do just as good a job as combed cotton like burn-out fabric for instance. Burn-out fabrics are created by taking any fabric and treating it with chemical processes which results in quite an edgy look, so if sheer patches and edgy looks suit you better, this is the fabric you should use.

Linen is also one of the popular preferences when it comes to t-shirts and is made from flax plants. Although linen t-shirts are cool and comfortable to wear, the one problem with it is that it wrinkles way too easily. But in the case of screen printing, linen t-shirts are great since the fabric is light and the print will catch on easily.

Other fabrics include jersey which gives a t-shirt the highly sought after flexibility and comfort. Modal is also a rather nice fabric which is actually a type of rayon, although if a t-shirt is stitched using modal, the dryer should be avoided at all costs. Other types of fabrics include polyester, pigment dyed, organic cotton, rib knit, slub and Pima supima. Any of these fabrics are ideal for screen printing and would serve you well.

How to Get Custom Printed T-Shirts for the Graduating Class of 2017

How to Get Custom Printed T-Shirts for the Graduating Class of 2017

As we are moving further and further into the year 2017, the time when the class of 2017 will graduate is also coming nearer and nearer. Each year, for every graduating class of the year, there is something unique and special that is done to give them something memorable to look back on.

Different institutes have different approaches since they all want to stand out, but there is always one thing that every institute, be it school, college or university, has in common: custom printed or screen printed t-shirts. Yes, you read that right!

Every institution wants students that are proud about where they graduated from, but the process of graduating and the graduation ceremony is always a tearful and emotional event for all. Most institutes all have some form of custom printed apparel that they give to all of their students.

Some institutes get the names of the students printed on the shirts while some choose to stick to printing their logos on either side of the shirts. Either way, it is a good way for the students to remember their institutes. Even ten years later, when they stumble across the shirt, they are sure to look at it with a smile on their faces.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that the graduating class of the year 2017 should get the same old designs on their t-shirts too. There are over a hundred ways to portray a message when it comes to custom printed or screen printed t-shirts. However, not every custom printer or designer would give you a wide variety of options, so you have to search for a professional that would help you out in that context.

The most simple approach to getting custom printed shirts for the entire graduating class of 2017 would be to have the year ‘2017’ printed on the back of the shirt, and the logo of the institution preferably on the front. This might be a dry idea to some but you can experiment with the color of the shirt, or the material of the shirt or the style of the shirt.

There are various options that are available when it comes to the color. However, the most popular colors continue to be red, black, blue and white. The material of the shirt is entirely a personal choice although the most popular choice would be linen or cotton. For an edgy but unique look, burn-out material can also be used. There won’t be much variety in the style of the t-shirt since the only three options would be half-sleeved, full-sleeved or sleeveless, with half-sleeved being the most popular option amongst all.

The color of the text or the graphic on the t-shirt can also be experimented with by opting for colored custom printing or screen printing. It is advisable though, to only go to a trained and experienced professional custom printer or screen printer. Other than the color, fonts and sizes of the graphics that you want printed on the shirts can also be experimented with to get you the desired result.

Why to Get Custom Printed T-Shirts for Family Reunions

Why to Get Custom Printed T-Shirts for Family Reunions

Family reunions are great, especially if you are attending one after so long you can barely recall the names of your aunts and uncles. It is a nice feeling to rejoice with your whole family and of course, anyone would want to look for different ways to make the day unique and pleasurable in every way.

While people mostly get carried away with just the arrangements of getting the whole family in one place and making reservations if necessary, another unique and wonderful way to really connect and bond with the whole family together would be to get custom printed t-shirts for the entire family, which includes everyone from your baby cousins to the elderly.

The great thing about getting custom printed t-shirts is that you don’t have to bear the cost of buying a number of t-shirts with prints already on them, which are a lot more expensive than just plain and simple t-shirts. Additionally, you can avoid wasting your time in searching for t-shirts with the same design on them.

Instead of doing that, you can easily just calculate the number of your family members and buy plain single colored t-shirts which would cost you a lot less. Once that is done, take these shirts to a professional custom designer and get the same thing printed on it such as your family name, the family number if you have one, ages, etc. There is a lot that you can do when it comes to custom printing.

This is a great idea especially if the reunion is held at a public place such as a restaurant, the beach, a luxury resort, etc. Another plus point would be that any of your little cousins, or siblings, that are roaming around, would be easy to find since they would all have the same shirt on.

However, it is not necessary for you to get the same shirt for everyone, but that would still be a good way to get the family together and have a great time at your reunion. In custom printing, you don’t just get black and white, you also get colored printing so you can opt for that option too, depending on the idea that you have in your head.

You could also experiment with different things such as getting your grandpa’s face printed on his t-shirt, and your dad’s face printed on his. Another way would be to get everyone’s first name printed on the front and the surname on the back. There are a lot of different things and ways that you can use custom printing to your advantage.

If you go to a professional custom designer and are unsure about what you want printed on the t-shirt, they will also be able to give you many more ideas to help you make your family reunion unique and a wonderful experience for all.