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Screen printing,  customized t-shirts and promotional items in South Jersey & Philadelphia.
Our promotional products are perfect for your business events, school sports team, family reunions, charity events, and group outings. We offer professional promotional products line including custom screen-printing for t-shirts, hoodies, athletic uniforms and apparel.

See our entire customization apparel line. unique t-shirt designs for your events and activities.
Imagine the next company picnic with everyone wearing screen printed, custom tee shirts with your company logo, or your next family reunion with the last family picture on the front. Keep track of your group members at any event with screen printed, customized t-shirts.

Items You Need For a Great Family Reunion

Whether you’re family has two cousins or a hundred, planning family reunion can be a stressful time. It takes a lot of time and effort, and a lot of patience. The items below will help keep your organizational efforts clear and concise, and keep this reunion one for the memory books.

Keep a Budget

Let’s face it — most people aren’t made of money. Lodging and transportation can get pricey. Keep costs low by sticking to a specific budget.

Send a Survey to Family Members

You can’t please everyone, but a majority vote always helps. Use a survey to narrow it down between two or three locations that are easiest for everyone.

Set a Schedule

Once the list of family members has been decided, make a schedule of events for each day! This way everyone knows exactly where to be and when.

Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts

Here at Modern Graphics, we have plenty of options for whatever custom family reunion shirt you need! Printed t-shirts are gifts that stay below your budget, but still let every family member feel included. Have a theme to your reunion? Our online designer allows you to mockup your perfect order and create your own personalized family reunion t-shirt or hoodie by adding your own text or custom designs.

Grab your quote and get started with your custom printed hoodie order today!

Why Are Brand Logo Printed T-Shirts An Ideal Spring Present For Your Employees?

Spring season is right around the corner which means the time of blooms and bunnies is approaching! The nights are going to get longer and the days are going to get sunnier and warmer.

Well, with the weather getting warmer, it is only sensible to give your employees your brand logo printed T-shirts to feel lighter and airier!

A little confused as to why? Well, you take a look at some of the reasons your employees would love you and the organization even more when you give them customized brand logo printed t-shirts:

Printed logos promote a sense of equality and uniformity: A logo is a great tool for harvesting a sense of equality. This is because all the employees get a feeling of belongingness to the same place, a feeling that they all share mutual interest, and that the prosperity of the company with collective team work will eventually result in their individual prosperity. They feel belonged and this drives them to work harder, work better.

Printed logos promote employee loyalty: It is important to design a logo that would speak highly of your brand and organization on a large scale. This will induce a pride factor since the employee will be keen on showing off the highly reputed place they work at. Not only is this an open, walking publicity of the company itself, it also encourages employee loyalty as they feel good about working at and being identified by a prestigious name in the market.

Printed logos improve employee-customer interactions: Efficient internal and external communication is the first step to the ladder of success in any aspect of entrepreneurship or personal relations. The most basic achievement of printed logos is the easy recognition that it provides to your employees. This allows the customers to identify the employee who works for your company, making it easier for them to interact with your employee.

This is important because when customers quickly spot an employee who works for the place they want to make purchases from (i.e. your company) they immediately feel comfortable in asking for help, improving your clientele services.

Printed logos improve employee work ethics: Wearing your organization’s brand logo makes the employee represent your company’s name. This means that not only is the employee recognized by your company’s name and reputation, but they are also seen as a reflection of your organization. This puts a certain level of accountability on the employee which compels them to improve their work ethics in terms of their affability, their responsibility, their efficiency and their punctuality.

Your employees are your organization’s back bone. Their motivation and willingness to work and improve determine the prosperity of your organization. They add value to your organization and are a true picture of the internal works of your company.

This is why, in order to keep them happy, motivated and driven, you need to fulfill some of their emotional needs that are associated with the workplace environment. And what better way to do that than by giving them a heart-warming spring present of your brand’s logo printed t-shirts?

Employee Uniform

Why Are Custom Printed T-Shirts So Important For Cancer Walks?


Cancer walks and other group events meant to spread awareness and raise funds for charity causes are an essential part of your collective communal work.

As a way of giving back to the society and aiding in its progress, it is important to spread awareness against cancer and its initial symptoms while raising funds for the victims battling this disease.

For this purpose, many young individuals and athletes come together during marathon events and walk, run and sometimes even sprint, covering long distances in order to raise funds.

Now while they do so, what would really bring out the purpose of this marathon? Of course, a custom printed T-Shirt!

But what role exactly does a custom screen printed t-shirt play in such cancer walks and other group events meant for charity causes? Let’s find out:


Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Construct Uniformity

When several individuals belonging to diverse backgrounds come together and work for a mutual interest, what they need is something to bind them together. This is something you can achieve when you create a visible uniformity amongst the participants to remind them of the initial purpose of this cancer walk. When they walk, march or run while wearing a custom screen printed t-shirt that spreads awareness against cancer, you allow them to adhere to the purpose of the activity and set all differences aside.

Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Build A Team

With uniformity, the participants are aware that they are working for a single cause. And this helps them be more accepting and cooperative with one another. To achieve the purpose of any activity, especially one that is arranged for the greater good of the world, it is essential for all the individuals to work collectively. When the participants work as a team, they will be able to cover up longer distances. And since the amount of funds they raise depends on the length of distance they cover, they will be able to raise greater amounts for donations.

Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Build Identity And Recognition

Another main objective apart from raising funds for the participants is to spread awareness to the audiences watching the marathon live and on-screen. This is where custom screen printed t-shirts play a vital role. When the cancer awareness sign is printed on the custom t-shirts, it becomes visually easy for the audiences to notice and recognize the purpose of the walk and learn more about a certain type of cancer. So just by having the symbol printed on the t-shirts, the marathon will have achieved one of its main goals!

Cancer walks are an engaging activity meant to raise funds for the greater good of the society and victims who struggle with the disease. Because it is such a meaningful charity activity, it is essential you take all sorts of requisites important in the achievement of your main goals. So if you’re preparing for cancer walks, make sure to get custom screen printed t-shirts for the participants!

Why Are Logos So Important For Young Sports Teams

When you step on the field for an open combat, the crowd watching you is either on your team or against it. Before you step on the field, ask yourself:

How does the crowd know which team you are a part of?

How do you know which team you are a part of?

And most importantly, how do you know who your team members on the field are? The ones who are a part of the team you play to win for?

Well, you know that from the brand of your sports team. Sports team branding gives your team a name to call itself by. This brand is the logo that is printed on the young sports teams’ uniforms and baseball caps.

But then again, what purpose does the brand logo on the uniform and baseball caps actually serve? Let’s take a look below at why exactly brand logos are so important:

1.    Recognition

During a sports match, it is important for the teams or even individual players to be distinguishable. This is one of the foundational elements of sports since the rival teams need an identity to be differentiated and recognized by.

Also, if you look at it from the perspective of the audience, wouldn’t they have a hard time identifying whether the team they are onboard with, or prefer, is winning or not? How would they even tell the difference between the players? This is why it is important to have brand logos on the uniforms and baseball caps to allow those who watch to recognize the players and understand the direction in which the game is going. Otherwise, everyone will feel lost.

2.    Team building

One of the key elements of achieving success in sports is making the efforts collectively which can happen when the players have a sense of unity, trust, loyalty, and belonging. A team has never been able to achieve triumph when each player works individually as that can only happen with a conscious unanimous effort.

Brand logos provide a unified name for all the team players to be recognized by, which makes them a reflection of their own team. This evokes a sense of belonging, a sense of unity, and most importantly, a sense of oneness, which motivates them to perform better and win.

3.    Equality

An important way of achieving victory in sports for youngsters is to harvest equality. Sure, there are coaches, star players, mediocre players, but they are all known by one single team, which eliminates the chances of superiority or inferiority complexes amongst the players. This encourages them to perform better in the next matches and learn a lesson from their poor performances.

It is essential for the youth sports team to get brand logos printed on their uniforms and baseball caps.

And the best way to get it done is from us.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Importance of Custom T-Shirt Printing

Custom printing t-shirts are one of the top trending fashion items at present. Basketball jerseys, letterman t-shirts, cricket and even baseball t-shirts fall under the category of custom printed t-shirts. Although custom t-shirts can be designed for many purposes, some of the most popular ones include athletic merchandises, uniforms, graduation ceremonies, church days, charity works, field trips or even cancer walks.
As a pre-requisite to screen printing, t-shirt qualifies as the top priority instead of any other item because other merchandises are not quite as effective.
One of the main reasons why custom t-shirts have become so popular is due to the easy recognition and identification that is associated with them. Whenever a large group is travelling or arranging an event, for example, a large group of kids going on a school field trip, which is obviously out of school premises, it is important for the supervisors to be able to easily identify their students. This is possible if all the students are clad in a uniform, custom printed t-shirt that would not only certify them as identifiable but, it would also imbue the essence of group activity.
Of the many ways you can publicize your business in, the one prevailing at present is through custom t-shirt screen printing. Have you ever noticed how every eatery or boutique has its own uniform and each of the workers is clothed in them? This is because the owners avail the assistance of custom screen-printing on t-shirts that permits them to standout amongst the numerous other vendors operating in competition with your business. In a nutshell, custom t-shirts allow you to develop a distinctive name amidst the many of your likes.
Another important reason why custom t-shirts are so successful is because they are a perfect opportunity to gain reputation by a preeminent projection of aesthetics infused with intelligence. If you want to build a positive reputation in the market, custom t-shirt screen printing always helps.
For example, by sponsoring or partnering with charity or awareness programs, you can allow your business to be seen in a different light as the custom screen printed t-shirt will boast your business’ custom label. Without having to say anything officially or aloud, you will already have established goodwill of your business among all those to witness the event.
Lastly, custom screen printed t-shirts make topnotch gifts. If you have a friend who likes a specific music band, celebrity, movie, TV show or even an animal, you can get it printed and gift it to your friend. If you have an inside joke, nickname or any other memorable thing that you could get designed on a t-shirt, it would make the best gift ever and your friend with be able to hold onto a substantial significance of your unforgettable memories.
Custom screen printed t-shirts really aren’t that costly yet, they have multiple uses and can serve you the way you want them to. All you have to do is set a budget, select your custom printers and send away your designs for printing!

The Marketing Power of Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts and Hoodies

Marathons, bikathons and other events are arranged to raise funds for a cause all the while providing people with a source of entertainment. When such a large crowd is gathered together, you shouldn’t let such an ideal promotional opportunity surpass the moment. Instead, seize the moment and make the most out of it.

Surviving as a new business in a competitive market can be challenging but with the facility of custom screen imprints on T-Shirts, it isn’t anymore. Such enormous events provide the perfect opportunity for you to put your business name out in the open. By giving away custom screen printed t-shirts with your brand name/logo/label designed on it, you’d be doing yourself a massive favor.
Here are some advantages of custom screen printed t-shirt giveaways for your business:

1. Accessed by a large audience
Custom screen printed t-shirts can be availed in bulk quantities. If you order a custom screen printed t-shirt boasting your brand image, you will have to place a bulk order. This turns out to be quite fruitful to you since bulk t-shirt orders are far less costly than singular orders. With hefty custom t-shirts, you can access a large audience as you can easily giveaway the t-shirts without having to worrying about running out.

2. Builds your reputation
Whether you are a small or large scale business, you always want to be well-known amongst the ever-growing competitive market. Moreover, you want aim to remain unforgettable to your customers due to a unique or distinctive feature. An object as durable as a custom screen printed t-shirt will make sure you are well distinguished among your competitors as it will allow you to show off your brand image.
Moreover, when you give away the custom screen printed t-shirts to your customers, they will not be able to forget your business as they will be reminded of your brand name and image every time they wear your custom screen printed t-shirt.

3. Tangibility
One of the main reasons why custom screen printed t-shirts qualify in giving your business recognition so effectively is because of their substantiality and tangibility. The fact that these t-shirts are always in fashion and in use, they make an ideal objective to promote your business. It is quite a challenge to give your customers something durable and materialistic with your brand imprint so they won’t forget about you. But with custom screen printed t-shirts, everything seem easy breezy.

4. Room for creativity
Custom screen printed t-shirts provide an abundant room for creativity. You can alter if you are giving away t-shirts to boys and girls with different colors or change the length of sleeves or any other tweaks to upgrade them without spending a fortune.
Once you decide on what design you want to be screen printed on your custom t-shirts, all you have to do is choose the right printer and seal the deal!

Clear the Decks with Topnotch Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts

Do you ever feel like you haven’t been able to free some time out of your busy schedule for something greater, something better? In today’s world, life has become so fast paced that you barely have time to spare for yourself; let alone, some extracurricular activity.
But if you feel like you haven’t met up with your folks in forever or that you haven’t given enough back to the society- arrange a reunion or go that cancer walk your neighbor has been inviting you to or participate in the marathon your colleague invited you to.
Since we’re all so busy, the once-in-a-while plan of old friends’ reunions is relieving as you finally get to meet all your old fellows again. But after all this time, a simple reunion won’t be enough- you need to add a pinch of excitement to make this reunion unforgettable!
What could be better than bringing in custom screen printed t-shirts?
With just a few dollars, you can make everyone at the reunion rejoice by the kind gesture of bringing everyone custom screen printed t-shirts.
If you’re on a tight budget yet want to do something nice for everyone at the gathering, gifting them custom printed t-shirts is the best thing of all! You can always get a loaded bulk of t-shirts per order without being charged a fortune.
Custom t-shirts also have a sense of uniformity and homogeneity to them. Sure you can freely alter the designs by customizing a different layout or punch line for each one of your friends, yet, the parallelism in the custom t-shirts remains, which accentuates the spirit of your overall reunion. Wearing similar custom t-shirts also delivers the message of sticking together even after a long time.
Have you ever noticed how reunions are mostly theme based? That’s what makes them so exciting. From birthdays, hiking on a trail, a day out at the beach or just a regular brunch at fancy restaurant- reunions can be based on anything.
This is the perfect hour to get your friends customized t-shirts that are theme based as well to upgrade the vibe of the place you’re all gathered at and multiply the celebration! For example, if you’re spending the day at the beach, what’s better than getting t-shirts with ‘I <3 Beaches’ screen printed? Another way you can make your friends’ reunion exciting is by categorizing the designs according to the genders and plan a guys vs. girls theme. You can get custom t-shirts in blues and pinks and even arrange a mini competition. If you feel like doing something nice for the society, participate in the upcoming cancer walk. Cancer walks are charity events in which large group of people participate in order to spread awareness of lethal diseases such as breast, blood and lung cancer. By symbols such as pink ribbons, which signify breast cancer, screen printed on custom t-shirts in bulk and giving them away to all the participants, you’d be able to spread awareness about breast cancer in an affordable way. Custom prints really aren’t that expensive since they come in large volume. All you have to do is to place your order with the right printer.

3 Ways in Which Custom Screen Printing On T-Shirt for Marathons Helps In Growth of Businesses

3 Ways in Which Custom Screen Printing On T-Shirt for Marathons Helps In Growth of Businesses
Marathons are attended by a teeming audience. More importantly, the participants in marathons are abounding and too many to not notice. So whenever you go to a marathon, you will find yourself amidst a swarm of a cheering audience and perspiring participants.
Crowds are perfect when you want to gain attention. Attention and a noticeable platform is a precondition in a successful operation of your business. Marathons are fruitful in this aspect as not only do they spread awareness of the charity they are being arranged for, but also aid in the growth of local business, a courtesy of custom screen prints.
The only way your business can gain popularity in the local and regional vicinity is through custom screen printing as they allow imprints of your business on the participants’ uniforms and trust me, that never go unnoticed!
Here are 3 ways in which custom screen printing on t-shirts for marathons aid in the advancement of your business.

1. Allows You to Take a Break
If you are an infant business, it is possible that a lot of people might not have heard of you. Designing custom prints for the participants of the marathon will allow you to bring your brand name under the spotlight as your label/logo/symbol/brand design will be noticed by a large number of people in the audience. So by getting custom screen prints on t-shirts, you’d be able to take your initial break in the market.

2. Allows You Constant Walking Advertisement
T-shirts are comfy and everyone’s go-to’s. Whether you’re planning to go to a baseball game with your friends or just out to get the groceries, it is always convenient to throw on a casual, comfortable t-shirt and just walk out of your house. Since majority of people adore t-shirts, by giving away t-shirts with your brand’s custom screen printing, you will be able to achieve a constant brand promotion. This is why free giveaways of custom screen printed t-shirts is an excellent idea as it gives your business a 24/7 walking advertisement.

3. Allows You to Develop a Brand Distinction
If you are still a growing business or a vendor, planning to make sales at the large-scale marathon, getting customized screen printed t-shirts for the staff at your stall will help in building a distinctive name for your business. This is because the custom screen printed t-shirt will have imprints of your brand name; an element salient to the majority of attendees. And remember, people hardly forget things that are distinctive from the rest of the crowd. So to build a reputation based on your uniqueness, you must employ custom screen printed t-shirts for all the staff members working for you.
Now that you know how important custom screen printed t-shirts are in aiding business growth and expansion, take a hint and get your hands on one of your own!
Choose your custom print, the t-shirt material and your design- and you’re good to go.