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Custom printed t-shirts: In a league of their own

As spring gets closer, it’s time for kids and adults to sign up for all types of sports teams. T-ball, bowling, little league, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, golf and more.

Nothing boosts team spirit like custom imprinted t-shirts and hoodies. Designed to reflect your team’s colors and slogans, they enhance game day, both at home and away.

Create a “sea of support”

When team members and their supporters wear printed t-shirts, they create a “sea of color” that makes the fan base seem large and powerful — providing a psychological advantage to your team.


Boost fundraising efforts.

Wearing the custom t-shirts and hoodies on non-game days makes the team’s name visible throughout the community, enhancing opportunities for fundraising. And, of course, the hoodies and t-shirts themselves can be a powerful money-making tool. The shirts can be sold at a profit, given as prizes at community Chinese auctions, and used as premiums for higher-dollar donations.

Maintain uniform standards.

At Modern Graphics, even the most intricate logo can be reproduced with high-quality inks, on fabrics that stand up to the wear and tear of sports. Designers can even help update or refresh a logo or create an entirely new one, if necessary. And both t-shirts and hoodies can be customized to complement each team’s official uniform.

A local, friendly resource.

Because Modern Graphics is located in the Camden County and Gloucester County area, service is convenient and fully personalized. One-on-one consultations allow you to choose the exact types, sizes, colors and styles you prefer, and receive them quickly and affordably.

Don’t wait until busy season to order – the time to give your team a stand-out look is now. Call upon Modern Graphics we’re in a league of our own, too!


Custom holiday gifts that keep on giving

Giving holiday gifts to valued clients and customers builds your organization’s brand awareness and strengthens relationships. But the days of expensive gift baskets, bottles of vintage wines and dinners at five-star restaurants are long gone.

Today, the best holiday gifts are tailored to the lifestyles of your customers, and communicate your message long after the holidays.

Modern Graphics has a wide selection of promotional gifts that fit every need. Custom imprinted pens and key chains allow you to promote your brand to current customers and prospects.


Tree ornaments are a unique and festive way to thank your customers.


Holiday-themed tins featuring your company’s name and filled with goodies are always a welcome gift.


For clients who deserve the very best, choose an upscale gift. Custom imprinted backpacks, Bose speakers and more will promote your business name for years to come.

Don’t forget your employees! Thank them with personalized award plaques, pen holders and practical computer or automotive items.


Create a custom printed t-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt for a holiday gift that will be treasured and worn throughout the winter.


Now is the time to think about what you’d like your gifts to say. Design your own message or ask us to help. Our professional designers understand the unique needs of fabric screen printing as well as printing on smaller items such as license plate holders and flash drives.


This year, give a holiday gift that’s affordable and compelling — with a custom imprint from Modern Graphics.

Why your group NEEDS custom printed hoodies.


Hoodies are so easy to wear, and so warm without adding bulk, that people become “hoodie hoarders.” Chances are that you have a stash somewhere. And chances are that one of them is your favorite.

Selling imprinted hoodies can help your group raise much-needed funds.

Selling imprinted hoodies can help your group raise much-needed funds.

Leverage that popularity and help your organization make money by selling custom printed hoodies!

Imprinted hoodies are a great way for volunteer fire departments, schools, chambers of commerce, religious groups and other organizations to raise much-needed funds. At the same time, your organization’s name is continually being promoted throughout the community, as buyers wear them to various public events and places.

Custom printed hoodies come in several different styles, from simple pullovers to zippered versions. A wide range of colors and fabrics allows you to tailor your hoodie to the season, too. There are lighter fabrics for fall and spring, and heavier fabrics for even the coldest winter day. Add your group’s logo and perhaps a clever phrase — and you’ll have a product that your members and supporters will be proud to wear everywhere!

Quality materials and inks enhance your group's appeal - and promote your cause.

Quality materials and inks enhance your group’s appeal – and promote your cause.

At Modern Graphics, you’ll find a selection that will easily allow you to earn money on each hoodie you sell. You’ll get complete help in designing your hoodie, and our designers thoroughly understand the unique challenges of imprinting intricate designs so they’ll be crisp and fresh.

In addition to fundraising activities, use the imprinted hoodies as prizes in Chinese auctions at civic events throughout your community. They’re also a terrific gift or reward for those who have gone the extra mile for your church, club, scout troop or civic organization!

Now that the weather is turning colder, it’s time to order your hoodies and make your next fundraiser a success!

Make School Trips More Fun with Custom T-shirts.

School is back in session! That means homework, projects, sports — and school trips.

Chaperoning 20 or more students, especially young children, can be a challenge even for the most experienced teacher or parent. This is especially true if the school trip is in a crowded environment, such as historical Philadelphia, a zoo or other popular public venue.

Custom t-shirts can be one good way to ensure that you always know where each child is at all times.

Keep track of everyone on a school trip with custom printed t-shirts.

Keep track of everyone on a school trip with custom printed t-shirts..

It’s easier to count heads when everyone is wearing the same color t-shirt. The students themselves also feel part of a group, enhancing school spirit and pride. And the t-shirts themselves can become a memento of a fun day.

Here are some ideas to make your next school trip safer and more memorable:

Include the name of the school on the back of the t-shirt.
• Choose a bright color that will stand out in a crowd. If your school colors are navy blue, choose a blue that is brighter for the t-shirt itself — and use the official color for the school’s name.
• Day-Glo colors can also be good for field trips to places like amusement parks, since you’ll be able to spot one of your students even on a ride.
• Don’t put the names of the children on their t-shirts, since that would give too much information to strangers.
• Consider a fun logo for the school trip to be designed on the front of the t-shirts, to create a souvenir. A dinosaur would be a great choice for the natural history museum, for example. A roaring lion for the zoo. Or a fun Picasso-like graphic for a visit to an art museum. At Modern Graphics, our designers can help you create something extra special no matter where you’re headed!
• Make sure your adult chaperones and teachers have matching t-shirts, as well. This will help the children find someone they can trust, should they wander away from the group.
• At Modern Graphics, you can order a variety of sizes to fit the students and adult chaperones!

Don’t wait until the last minute to design your field trip t-shirts! Give yourself time to think about the colors, textures and ideas that will make your trip more fun, safe and memorable!

T shirts are better when you buy them locally!

When it comes to imprinted t-shirts, local is better!

There are lots of things that are best ordered online because you know exactly what you’re getting. Books are a good example. So are things like copy paper, pens and brand-name ink cartridges But when it comes to imprinted t shirts, it gets trickier.

See your t-shirts before you buy them.

  • You can stop in and see the different types of t-shirt, hoodie or jacket before placing your order.
  • You can even try one on if the style is in stock.
  • You can feel the materials to choose the fabric that best compliments the quality message you want to communicate. This is important, because your imprinted t-shirt represents your business — you want it to reflect your company’s own quality. And a cheap fabric won’t hold up under the stress of baseball, softball or soccer games.


Gildan custom t shirts

Gildan t-shirts are known for running true to size, and for being colorfast, with solid stitching.

Save money and time by buying t shirts locally!

Did you know that it can cost $50 or more to ship 200 t-shirts? That cost may be more than any sales taxes you’re saving.

And, with a local company, you can pick up your order the minute it’s ready, examine the product and be on your way. No need to wait days for your shipment to arrive.

Help your community, too!

When you buy local, you aren’t just supporting a single business. You’re directly contributing to the economy of the town, county and state.

Imprinted t shirts

When you buy your t shirts locally you support more than just the business itself!

Get a special 10% discount for shopping local!

If you live in South Jersey and order your logo t-shirts from Modern Graphics, you’ll enjoy a special 10% discount if you order 150 or more shirts!

It’s time to order your team’s t-shirts!

All over South Jersey, parents and kids are signing up for school, business and neighborhood sports teams. Now is the time to get ready with coordinated, customized team t-shirts.

But why limit the fun to the players?

Order additional screen-printed t-shirts and let those who support your team show their colors, too! Extra promotional t-shirts can be given away or sold to raise money for equipment, field rental, refreshments and more.

Team T-Shirts make everyone feel like a winner!

Team T-Shirts make everyone feel like a winner!

Company team t-shirts help promote your brand, as well!

Every time your softball, baseball or other sports team plays, your business’s name is out there for everyone to see. Add a logo and tag line to give people a reason to think of your company first.

When you give away additional branded t-shirts, you’ll help to market your product or service throughout the area, as people wear them to grocery stores, shopping malls and family outings.


Spread the love - encourage customers to wear your branded T-shirts

Spread the love – encourage customers to wear your branded T-shirts

Add promotional items to make your team feel even more special.

Water bottles imprinted with the team’s name are always useful, for players and spectators alike. Lanyards help to keep keys and other essentials organized. And imprinted rally towels keep everyone on the sidelines excited about their team.

Make your design stand out, too!
At Modern Graphics, we have professional designers who can help your t-shirts and promotional items pop. We can even help you come up with a rally tag line if you prefer!

The time to order team t-shirts is now.

Get your team in the spirit with South Jersey’s premier custom t-shirts. Contact Modern Graphics today and find out how you can qualify for a terrific discount on your next order. Your team will love it, and the discount will make any resales more profitable, too!

Promote your candidate – with t-shirts!

Campaign t-shirts can give your candidate more attention during the busy 2016 election season!

Improve your ground game – promote your candidate with customized t-shirts!

Screen-printed t-shirts could be more effective than traditional political lawn signs.

T-shirts enhance your candidate’s name recognition.

  • Your candidate’s name and message will appear at local sporting events, grocery stores, shopping malls and more.
  • They give your campaign a “buttoned up” and professional look, especially when everyone wears their t-shirts at rallies and community events.
  • They give your candidate and team members credibility. When knocking on doors or handing out literature, people are more likely to trust a “stranger” who’s wearing the “team colors.”
  • They make political contributors feel important when they’re given a customized t-shirt.

Raise money with customized t-shirts!

Think up a clever statement to imprint on your t-shirts. Then, sell them at fundraisers to help raise much-needed campaign money.

Pair your imprinted t-shirts with other promotional items.

Key ring flashlights, chip clips and water bottles will raise awareness of your candidate and message even more. And they’ll last long after your candidate takes office, reinforcing his or her popularity as a leader!

The 2016 election season will be a busy one!

Whether you’re managing a primary campaign or gearing up for the general election, be sure to include political t-shirts into your budget — or better yet, ask a donor to contribute them to your campaign!

Be sure to include your website.

Campaign or message shirts can be effective — as long as they drive the wearers/readers to someplace where they can act. “Shirts need to link to something else (such as a website).”

Donate T-Shirts and Help Your Charity Raise Money!

Customized T-shirts and hoodies are a powerful way to raise money for charities.

That’s because people love to show the world that they’re supporting a worthy cause. Branded T-shirts also last longer than expensive mailers or ad campaigns, because they’re worn in public for months, if not years. Customized T-shirts also communicate the charity’s message and encourage others to support it.

"No One Fights Alone" - customized T-Shirts that help fight breast cancer. Photo Courtesy Modern Graphics

No One Fights Alone” – customized T-Shirts that help fight breast cancer. Photo Courtesy Modern Graphics

Why not donate branded T-Shirts?

Donating screen printed T-shirts can help your favorite charity raise even more money.

The T-shirts can be given as rewards to those who raise the most funds, win a contest or accomplish some other significant goal. But the organization can also sell them directly to raise additional money.

Many non-profit groups would love to be able to promote their cause with screen-printed T-shirts. But often, they’d rather use their existing funds to carry on their good works. Your donation will help them concentrate on their good works — and find new contributors at the same time.

Charitable T-Shirts keep on giving.

Recently, the Washington Township Education Foundation donated the money to buy T-shirts promoting the annual Helping Hands Hoagie Sale. As a result, all proceeds from the hoagie sale can be used to help local families facing serious medical bills. And the T-shirts will continue to advertise the cause in shopping malls, local sporting events, movie theaters and other public venues.


An easy way to help battle children's cancer. Photo Courtesy Modern Graphics

An easy way to help battle children’s cancer with printed T-shirts. Photo Courtesy Modern Graphics

Modern Graphics offers a 10% discount when you donate customized T-Shirts

When you donate 100 or more to a nonprofit organization, local charity or philanthropic group, you’ll receive a 10% discount. In addition, your purchase may even be tax-deductible if the group meets certain IRS requirements.

Springtime charity walks, marathons, bike rides and more are being scheduled now.

Consider helping them to raise even more money—with a donated customized, screen-printed T-shirt from Modern Graphics!