Embroidered Promotional Products

product-bag-backpack3 Reasons for Using Embroidered Promotional Products

Promotional products are great for improving the customers’ opinion of your company. And while the options are many, there are certain times when one would look towards embroidered products over the rest.

Long Lasting:

While using screen printed T-shirts in your promotional campaign is all fine and dandy, more often than not, you will notice that those screen printed shirts fade after a few cycles in the washing machine. On the other hand, an embroidered logo which has been stitched on the T-shirt will not only retain its original color, but will also not fray like the screen printed T-shirts.

Cleaner Look:

To make a visual impact you will need a logo that will look crisp and last long. This is where embroidered logos come in. While screen printing is cheaper, embroidered logos give out a more professional look.

More Colors:

The best thing about using embroidered logos for your promotional products is that the embroidery charges are based on a stitch count, which basically means that the size and detail is used as a basis for the price and not the amount of colors being used.

Everybody likes to receive promotional products for free. So, the next time you use one, go for the embroidered option.

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