T shirts are better when you buy them locally!

When it comes to imprinted t-shirts, local is better!

There are lots of things that are best ordered online because you know exactly what you’re getting. Books are a good example. So are things like copy paper, pens and brand-name ink cartridges But when it comes to imprinted t shirts, it gets trickier.

See your t-shirts before you buy them.

  • You can stop in and see the different types of t-shirt, hoodie or jacket before placing your order.
  • You can even try one on if the style is in stock.
  • You can feel the materials to choose the fabric that best compliments the quality message you want to communicate. This is important, because your imprinted t-shirt represents your business — you want it to reflect your company’s own quality. And a cheap fabric won’t hold up under the stress of baseball, softball or soccer games.


Gildan custom t shirts
Gildan t-shirts are known for running true to size, and for being colorfast, with solid stitching.

Save money and time by buying t shirts locally!

Did you know that it can cost $50 or more to ship 200 t-shirts? That cost may be more than any sales taxes you’re saving.

And, with a local company, you can pick up your order the minute it’s ready, examine the product and be on your way. No need to wait days for your shipment to arrive.

Help your community, too!

When you buy local, you aren’t just supporting a single business. You’re directly contributing to the economy of the town, county and state.

Imprinted t shirts
When you buy your t shirts locally you support more than just the business itself!

Get a special 10% discount for shopping local!

If you live in South Jersey and order your logo t-shirts from Modern Graphics, you’ll enjoy a special 10% discount if you order 150 or more shirts!

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