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Custom Printed T-Shirts and Cancer Walks: An Unbreakable Relationship

“We are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start giving”- Michael Jackson

Cancer is one of those serious ailments that take away too many innocent lives that deserve to spend live a life full of love, passion and adventure. But if diagnosed in time, this once-incurable disease can be recovered from!

It is our- your- job as a part of the community to bring about a change, to spread love, positivity and awareness in the society to create a world that is a happy and healthy place to live in. As a part of the community, it is our job to spread awareness about this disease, its warning signs, and to raise funds for those who bear the brunt of this condition.

Cancer walks and marathons have emerged as a strong and concrete way of spreading awareness and raising funds to fuel the ascent of the society, away from the downs of cancer. Cancer walks allow locals and athletes to cover mileages of distance, raising funds at the rate of per kilometer covered.

This act of collectivity, of a community’s approach toward the betterment of the society is really brought out to the surface by one helping agent: custom printed T-shirts!

Wondering how custom printed T-shirts can really bring out the spirits of participants of the marathon? Take a look below to find out:

1.    Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Promote Homogeneity

When numerous individuals from all areas of life group together and strive to achieve a common goal, they need something to bring them closer to one another. To bind them together, you need to instill a sense of oneness and homogeneity in them, to make them feel like they’re all equally concerned about this cause. To develop such a sense, you need to constantly remind them of their goals and objectives: cancer awareness and fundraising through the walk.

You can instill such a sense of homogeneity in them with custom printed T-shirts! When all the participants walks, run or sprint wearing the same T-shirt, imprinted with a uniform message, they automatically feel united which allows them to overlook any differences that might breach their spirit of collectivity!

2.    Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Instill a Team Spirit

To illuminate the spirituality in any activity, especially one for a charity cause, it is vital for all the participants to work together. When the participants work as a group, they will be able to support each other to exert just a little more effort, to walk or run just a little more of the distance.

With custom printed T-shirts, they will feel like a group, a community, a team which will brighten up their spirits and encourage them to work together for the greater good of the society!

3.    Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Aid in Delivering the Message Across

When the participants are vestured in T-shirts custom printed with cancer awareness messages, slogans and logos, the message becomes more visible to the audiences watching them. In this way, the walk-marathon is successful in delivering its message and spreading cancer awareness to the audience.

Cancer awareness and fund raiser walks are an essential step toward the improvement of the community. This is why, it is important for you to take all the measures necessary such as getting custom printed T-shirts, in making it a hit!


4 Reasons Why Custom T-Shirts Are Important If You’re Going Back to School

Team Shirts

School life is one of the most memorable stages of our lives. This is the time when you’re at the prime of your youth and peak of your energy, and everything around you is vibrant and colorful! This is perhaps a time that will forever be imprinted in your memory and you’ll find yourself reminiscing over it, time and again.

Since the moments that pass by in your school will be a part of you in every step of life, this is the time you should be ornamenting with memories that you happily cherish in the years to come. And what better way to do so than getting custom printed T-shirts and hoodies?

If you’re wondering how custom printed T-shirts and hoodies are important for going back to school then take a look below:

1. Custom Printed T-Shirts Heed Team Spirit

We’re all our own people which means that we’re all very different. But regardless of the differences, you end up making lifelong friends because you share similar interest. But not everyone feels so comfortable in opening up to other people. This is where custom printed T-shirts and hoodies bridge the gaps of differences by cultivating a collective sense of team spirit.

As custom printed T-shirts and hoodies are imprinted with your school’s name and logo, and a similar design, they create a psychological effect to eliminate differences, allowing the students to feel connected and united. Effectively, students are instilled with team spirit.

2. Custom Printed T-Shirts Develop a Sense of Ownership

Custom printed T-shirts and hoodies are a way of representing the school. In effect, it develops a sense of belonging to the school, making students feel responsible for their actions and reactions as they affect the school’s name and reputation. It develops a sense of ownership, allowing the students to feel proud to have their names linked with their schools’ which boosts their motivation and fortifies their self-belief.

3. Custom Printed T-Shirts Harbor Discipline

Custom printed T-shirts and hoodies are a perfect addition to the school body as they harbor a sense of discipline. No matter where a student wanders off to, or gets lost, especially on field trip days, they always standout because of the t-shirt or hoodie with their school’s name and logo custom printed on them. As a result, schools are able maintain a disciplinary decorum.

4. Custom Printed T-Shirts Are a Prized Possession

Memories can begin to fade at any point in life which is why, concrete reminders of those memories are important to preserve those recollections forever. In a way, custom printed T-shirts and hoodies with the school name, logo and even the students’ names and the specific year of graduation are something that will forever be held onto by the students, keeping the flames of their memories kindled and burning bright. In making the alumni body feel always welcomed and belonged to the school, custom printed T-shirts and Hoodies play a vital role!

If summer’s over and the back to school bells are ringing then contact us to get custom printed T-shirts and Hoodies!

The Role of Custom Printed T-Shirts in the Development of Small Businesses

Employee work shirts

What is the most important thing for small businesses? The answer is quite simple- growth! As a small business, if you measure your success in terms of monetary growth, physical expansion or employee productivity then the key to achieving this is through successful marketing strategies that employ effective advertisements.

But here is the thing: marketing is expensive. Small businesses are usually tight on budget which makes effective marketing unlikely to happen- unless, you move to less pricey and more practical substitutes. This is where custom printed T-shirts play an eminent role.

· Inexpensive

Custom printed T-shirts are usually purchased in bulk orders. As a small business, this can turn out play in your favor as more often than not, suppliers offer discounts on bulk order placements so you can keep your marketing tasteful, trendy and budget-friendly.

· Mass audience access

If there’s one thing custom printed t-shirts are well-known for then it is being distributed to mass audiences. Mostly small businesses hand out their custom printed T-shirts during awareness marathons and bikeathons. This gives you an access to a large audience which increases your brand awareness significantly.

· Reaches target audience

Custom printed t-shirts offer plenty of room for creativity in designing! Since the name suggests ‘custom,’ there are lots of ways in which you can notch up the t-shirts to reach your target audience. For instance, if your business offers gender based products/ services, you can customize the t-shirts in pink and blue colors to reach your target audience in a more impactful way.

However, custom printed t-shirts are not just useful as promotional products. In fact, they can actually be used for your business’ internal purposes such as a uniform for your workforce.

Wondering how custom printed t-shirts are excellent uniforms? Take a look below to see why:

· Creates a sense of belonging

For a well-motivated and productive workforce, it is extremely important for you as a business to instill a sense of belonging within the employees. When employees vesture themselves in custom printed t-shirts with your business’ name and logo imprinted on it, they internally rationalize a sense of belonging to the business which allows them to take ownership of their workplace and take pride in what they do

Supporting A Local Business in Your Community Is Important

5 Reasons Why Supporting A Local Business in Your Community Is Important

The prosperity of your country can be weighed by the number of businesses that operate within it. This is because small businesses generate economic progress, bringing about development and success to the country and the community.

However, the contribution of small businesses is not just restricted to economic welfare; it also stretches to being a part of collective social and communal growth.

A new, local business just opened up in your community? Then take a look at the 5 reasons why it is important to support a local business in your community:

1.    Community’s Prosperity

The new local business in your community will contribute to your overall social welfare. Unlike the case with massive, multi-national chains that hoard profits for their own interests, the local business is a part of your community, perhaps even established by someone you know. With your support as a consumer, the local business will thrive and give back to the community, aiding in an overall prosperity.

2.    Collective Identity

As part of your community, you develop a sense of belonging and pride yourself in being a member of this very area. Local businesses allow you to cherish your sense of identity and belonging as their success attracts tourism, making you feel like the whole world is in your favor. Have you ever seen how the New Orleans has developed a sense of collective identity by enhancing the French Quarters? The number of tourists it attracts is phenomenal! Therefore, simply by supporting a local business in your community, you are in fact constructing a character for your neighborhood, allowing you to contribute in its socio-economic progress.

3.    Community Involvement

Remember that the entrepreneur of the local business operating in your community is an integral member of your community. With your support, as their business thrives, they will be able to get involved in the community, monetarily. For instance, they will be able to set up functions, donate for charities, and sponsor events to encourage young talent or even participate in promoting a social cause. In the longer run, this will bring about a positive social change in your community.

4.    Lower Prices

Plenty of local businesses in comparison with a massive store with a market monopoly will be more fruitful for the community as a whole. This is because businesses with monopolies have a predatory culture, benefiting self-interests only. On the other hand, local businesses will have competition in the market, allowing them to keep the prices of their products low. In this way, with just your consumerist support, you will be encouraging a competitive market, and help your community enjoy a cost-effective lifestyle.

5.    Greater Employment

Local businesses start out at a small scale. With your support, they grow and expand themselves. It is inevitable for them to need more help in a bigger workplace, creating opportunities for younger people in your community which leads to greater employment.

While you’re contributing to a collective growth by supporting local business in your community, you’re benefiting self-interests as well, allowing you to enjoy a better lifestyle and be a part of a friendly community!

Support your local business because you’re the one who has got to have their backs!

The Importance of Supporting Local Businesses

The Importance of Supporting Local Businesses

A country’s progress and development can be measured in a number of ways. One of these ways is measuring the number of businesses that operate in it, as that is a measure of economic welfare.

But apart from that, new, local businesses are not only a statistic for economy, but also an important part of the society and the community.

Here are a couple of reasons why it is important to support local businesses in your community:

1.    Community’s Welfare

The local business in your area will give back to the community unlike the chain stores. Anyone who starts up a small, local business is most probably one of your neighbors. By helping and supporting them, you will help them earn their living, which they will spend within the community itself.

2.    Community Engagement

Small business owners are an important part of the community themselves. By encouraging and supporting their business, they will be able to grow and prosper enough to actively engage in the community. For example, they will be able to sponsor local events and functions to spread awareness or raise funds. They could also donate to NGO’s that work to serve the community positively.

3.    Community Representation

Small businesses are an ideal representation of the principles of your community. They also work effectively in encouraging tourism. Have you ever heard of the Indian food street culture or the food truck vendors by the Californian beaches? People all around the world visit these local businesses because of their vibrancy and colorfulness. So, by supporting the local businesses in your community, you are actually building a character for your community that can be attributed to it.

4.    More Jobs

This is another benefit of supporting local businesses. If the whole community supports a local vendor, their business will grow and flourish. It is obvious they will need help around, giving a greater job opportunity for the residents of the community.

5.    Lower Prices

When there is just one, big chain in a community, that store has a monopoly. This allows them to exploit the community by charging prices of goods and services too high. But when there are plenty of small businesses in a community- that monopoly breaks. Because more stores and shops will be offering the products and services, people will have more options, which will reduce the prices automatically. So by supporting local businesses in your community, you actually encourage competition, and enjoy more affordable prices.

6.    Innovation And Variety

When a store has a monopoly, they offer just one kind of product or service. However, when there will be plenty of stores, you will have a greater variety of different types of goods to choose from. This way the community as a whole will enjoy an increased customer variety.

7.    Economic Prosperity

The more the entrepreneurship culture expands, the greater the monetary circulation will be. In this way, the economy thrives towards prosperity.

By supporting local businesses, you’re contributing not only to a collective cause, but also, to your own, individual cause.

So support local businesses and bring a change!

4 Reasons Why You Need Family Reunion T-Shirts This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. This means that the kids will have vacations and you all will have much more time on your hands to spend together. This is why I like to call summer the ‘bonding season’.

Now, to bond with your family members and extended family members what you need to do is to plan lots of fun and engaging outdoor activities that would be entertaining for everyone and hopefully, will make everyone forget about their phones.

So, while you’re at it, here is a great idea for the summers- get everyone custom printed family reunion T-shirts. Here are 4 reasons why these screen printed family reunion T-shirts are a great idea:

1.    It cultivates a sense of oneness

Yes, family is all about being one. Even if you have moved farther away, the one way to connect is by developing a unity amongst everyone and custom printed T-shirts do an amazing job at it. When everyone wears the same custom printed family reunion T-shirt, it is not about how well or ill-dressed anyone is, anymore. It is all about connecting on the similarities and respecting the diversity. This is because the custom printed T-shirts visualize your ideas and beliefs and make you feel like you all belong to the same branches of a gigantic tree.

2.    You can celebrate a theme

Themed parties are the best. They help you appreciate an occasion or anything for that matter in a more expressive way. So, if this summer is all about connecting with family then a great theme to go by is loving each other unconditionally. You can get a memorable family portrait custom printed on everyone’s family reunion T-shirts and make the summer all about reminiscing over the old memories and about the rejoice in making the new ones.

3.    An unforgettable memory

Just imagine the amount of stories that you can tell by pulling off this cheesy yet adorable summer look. In the years to come, you will all talk about the amazing memories you made over the summers by disposing off any differences and proudly connecting with each other on your similarities. Every time you look at the custom printed family reunion T-shirt, you will feel nostalgic and your heart will warm up with love, affection, and admiration for your family. You will be able to appreciate them more, and you will have a tangible article to hold onto the memories you make this summer. So, yes, the custom printed family reunion T-shirts will hold enormous sentimental values for you and transpire as an unforgettable memory.

4.    Pictures

Of course, you can never forget photos, can you! Just imagine, everyone standing in the gardens with drinks in their hands and wearing the custom printed family reunion T-shirts that you got for everyone- what a celebration! You’ll have encapsulated the moments of summer fun in timeless pictures and this will be a memory to cherish forever.

So yes, custom printed family T-shirts are a great idea to wear during outdoor activities in summer. If you want to place your order, contact us.

Graduation Class Of 2018

Why You Need Custom Printed T-Shirts for School Field Day and the Graduation Class Of 2018

Your school life is the golden era of your life. This is the time when you are the most care-free and make memories that are etched in your mind forever. You are young, energetic, and bursting with life, and in times to come, this will become a stage in life that you will remember forever.

The time you spend in your school field day up until your graduation will forever be in your hearts. So, by getting custom printed T-shirts for these special occasions, you will be able to immortalize your memories.

Let’s take a look at why these custom printed T-shirts are so important to have for school field day and the graduation day:

Custom Printed T-Shirts Construct A Sense Of Singularity

Everyone is an individual of their own, but to connect with your peers and people around you, you typically find grounds of common interest. This is where custom printed T-shirts play an essential role. These T-shirts that have a singular design, logo, and pattern of your school’s name and slogan makes all the students feel unified and connected. It allows them to overlook all the differences that may cause quarrels and focus on what really matters- their unity.

Custom Printed T-Shirts Construct A Sense Of Belonging

These T-shirts make all the students feel like they belong to a place. As these screen printed T-shirts are a representation of your school and everything it stands for, the students feel like a concrete part of the system which adds to their motivation levels and self esteem. In addition, it allows them to accept one another since together, they belong to one system that they represent through their T-shirts.

Custom Printed T-Shirts Allow Recognition

Now, one of the challenges schools face when they take their students out on school field days is that none of the students are recognizable. There are chances of being lost as well since everyone is overexcited on a school field day out. To make your school field day safe and secure for all the students, custom printed T-shirts are an excellent idea. This is because they are easy to recognize so you can easily identify any student from anywhere. Now, even if a student gets lost or wanders off too far away, anyone can help them find their way back to you considering they are so easy to recognize.

Custom Printed T-Shirts Are A Great Memory

Getting custom printed T-shirts for the graduating class is an excellent way of giving them something to hold onto. The years the students passed as a part of the system and as a part of each other’s lives are reflected by just a single glance at the T-shirt. The fact that the school’s name and logo is evident on the T-shirt shows that they will always feel belonged and be a part of the system. So, this makes the perfect gift.

If you’re looking for custom printed T-shirt for your school field or graduation day, contact us.

Promotional Product & More

Your business may be able to benefit from promotional products. Promotional products include items such as pens and pencils, water bottles and even tee shirt. Promotional items can help to put your business on the map by branding your company in a way that your customers will notice and remember. A South Jersey promotional products company, Modern Graphics can create your products in a way that is cost effective and quickly done, shipped out to you in a timely way.

When you use promotional items to give away or for ordering perks, you put your name  on the products so that companies and people can see your business name each time they use the pen, the water bottle or see the tee shirt. Try ordering just some products and see what kind of attention you can get from New Jersey promotional products for small business.

Please browse our catalog find the item number of the product you like and contact us for more information. We are happy to search for the product that will fit your business needs and budget. Simply email us with the amount of items you need and a price per item you are willing to spend and we will be happy to give you some options.

Sporting teams will take greater pride in their team or their community if they are offered a tee shirt that carries it with them. Even high school band members could benefit from the cost effective tee shirts that can be ordered from Modern Graphics printing. Get great quality shirts or hoodies for your sporting team, employee group, or even for your family members, make with care from Modern Graphics.

Jersey promotional products for small business.


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Our promotional products are perfect for your business events, school sports team, family reunions, charity events, and group outings. We offer professional promotional products line including custom screen-printing for t-shirts, hoodies, athletic uniforms and apparel.

See our entire customization apparel line. unique t-shirt designs for your events and activities.
Imagine the next company picnic with everyone wearing screen printed, custom tee shirts with your company logo, or your next family reunion with the last family picture on the front. Keep track of your group members at any event with screen printed, customized t-shirts.

Get a Quote or Use our Tee shirt Designer Software

Modern Graphics expert designers can help you to get the promotional products that you need to sell your business and take it to the next level. From water bottles to tee shirts and hoodies, Modern Graphics custom t-shirts can help you to get just the look that you want. You have the option to either use our tee shirt designer or to tell us what you’re looking for, upload your image to our designers and ask for a quote for the number and style of customized tee shirts or promotional items New Jersey that you want.

Imagine the next company picnic with everyone wearing unique custom t-shirts with your company logo, or your next family reunion with the last family picture on the front so you can compare now and then without having to drag out the photo albums. Enjoying a group outing to an amusement park or museum? Keep track of all your group members with customized t-shirts in a multitude of colors and styles.

Make your next event truly unique with custom shirts from Modern Graphics! Visit our Design Studio to build perfect custom t-shirts.

We can also build any number of custom t-shirt designs for Charity Events and Drives. Resell t-shirts at your next Beef and Beer or Bingo event to collect more money for your organization, or have all of your volunteers wear them in your next Charity Walk to show your support with flair. Do you support a local community or school athletics department? Show your pride with hoodies, t-shirts or uniforms in your team or school colors and professionally added logos and graphics.

Need the perfect logo to represent a new group or event? Just want to freshen up an older logo? Modern Graphics’ staff of designers will create a unique, memorable and highly-professional logo to use in all your custom clothing or other promotional items.

Interested in a promotion item other than custom clothing? Modern Graphics also offers hundreds of thousands of the highest quality promotional items from pens and calendars to custom notepads or even awards. Check out our entire promotional item inventory!

Thanks, William Glendening II, Owner

Items You Need For a Great Family Reunion

Whether you’re family has two cousins or a hundred, planning family reunion can be a stressful time. It takes a lot of time and effort, and a lot of patience. The items below will help keep your organizational efforts clear and concise, and keep this reunion one for the memory books.

Keep a Budget

Let’s face it — most people aren’t made of money. Lodging and transportation can get pricey. Keep costs low by sticking to a specific budget.

Send a Survey to Family Members

You can’t please everyone, but a majority vote always helps. Use a survey to narrow it down between two or three locations that are easiest for everyone.

Set a Schedule

Once the list of family members has been decided, make a schedule of events for each day! This way everyone knows exactly where to be and when.

Custom Family Reunion T-Shirts

Here at Modern Graphics, we have plenty of options for whatever custom family reunion shirt you need! Printed t-shirts are gifts that stay below your budget, but still let every family member feel included. Have a theme to your reunion? Our online designer allows you to mockup your perfect order and create your own personalized family reunion t-shirt or hoodie by adding your own text or custom designs.

Grab your quote and get started with your custom printed hoodie order today!