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3 Reasons Why Churches Need To Have Custom Printed T-Shirts for Their Volunteers

Christmas is around the corner! Cities are bedecked with fairy lights and ornamented trees, and the festive vibe is in the air. Of course, churches are going to be fully packed now!

But churches have a lot of people buzzing in and out. While the regular church comers are well-aware of the staff and the volunteers, new ones might not be so familiar with who is who. It’s important for churches, especially at this time, to have uniform apparel that can unhook the confusion for a smooth work flow!

And guess how churches can do this? By getting custom printed t-shirts for the volunteers! If you’re in a church’s event organizing committee, take a look at some of the top reasons why churches need to have custom printed t-shirts:

1.   Custom Printed T-Shirts Help Identify the Volunteers

Church volunteers are responsible for helping out the people coming into the church, escorting them in and out, helping people find a sitting spot, answering any questions and etc. They play an important role during the church session by addressing anyone’s queries, and preventing disturbances.

This is why, it is important for the volunteers to stand out from the crowd and be easy to recognize. Custom printed t-shirts create uniformity among the staff members and the volunteers by making them identifiable. As a result, people, particularly those who are new to the church, feel comfortable in approaching them without any hesitance.

2.   They Establish a Sense of Community

An important part of our lives includes feeling belonged to a place or to someone. It fills us in with a sense of loyalty and commitment that we’re naturally inclined toward. Essentially, churches nurture this sense of belonging by taking in the individual members of the community, and giving them the support of a group.

Mentioned earlier, custom printed T-shirts create uniformity which instills a sense of belonging amongst the volunteers. It makes them feel like they are a part of something noble which is important for them to serve the community, passionately. In this way, custom printed T-shirts really bring together the community as a team.

3.   Volunteer Registrations Increase

Are you trying to find more devoted volunteers to sign up? Then just distribute custom printed T-shirts!

Truth be told, everyone loves to feel appreciated and valued for the time they invest, even if it is volunteer work. By handing out custom printed T-shirts, you can show your gratefulness to the individuals for volunteering. This encourages them to volunteer again. And because custom printed T-shirts are tangible, they can make a really good memory for them!

Not to forget, custom printed T-shirts will have your church’s logo and name imprinted on it which serves as a walking promotion for the church!

So if you’re looking for the right place to order custom printed T-shirts in Sicklerville, Williamstown, Berlin or Pine hill, Modern Graphics is your go-to! We have a vast number of custom printing options, giving you room to be as minimalistic or creative as you want!

Winters with Custom Printed Clothes!

Winter is finally here! The jingle bells are in the air, the hot cocoa is on the stoves, the blankets are all nicely laid out and can really feel the festivity of the season all around you. Yet, if you feel like you’re missing something then it’s probably warmth- the warmth of your comfy hoodies.

With winter here, it’s time you gear up with the most comfortable clothes for the season. Whether you’re on your way to school, participating in a sports team, volunteering for church or just working outdoors, vesturing yourself in warm, winter clothes needs to be your top priority.

In this season of Thanks Giving and Christmas, when you can afford to snuggle up in cozy indoors, don’t forget your moral duty of extending your hand to those who are in dire need of your help.

Let’s make this season of gratification not just about celebrating with our loved ones, but also about sharing happiness and warmth with those who really need us with one simple gift: custom printed hoodies!

1.   Gift Them to Under-Privileged Members of the Community

Society can feel overwhelming but let’s not forget it is we, who build it up. We have the power to change it and bring revolution within. With one simple gesture, an act of kindness and generosity on your part, you can actually change someone’s life and make a huge difference!

If you’re looking for opportunities to serve the community, spread the love of humanity around by sharing custom printed hoodies with the under-privileged members. Remember, charity begins at home and with this simple gesture, you can give them something simple yet creative to keep them warm!

2.   Share Them with Your Employees

Business owners can really encourage their employees to work harder by giving them a small token of appreciation. Whether your employee goes out in the winters to deliver pizza or is mowing the lawn for your client, it is important for you to take care of them. And what better way to do so than getting them custom printed hoodies, jackets or even beanies?

Imprint each of your employees’ names on the hoodies, jackets or beanies (whatever you decide to give them) and have your organization’s logo custom printed as well! You can get creative and custom print hoodies with different colors, designs and patterns to make them look even more vibrant! Or better yet, go for a Christmas theme! Either way, your employees will feel loved, valued and encouraged to do better.

3.   Free Giveaways

Who doesn’t love free things? And above that, who doesn’t want a super comfortable hoodie in winters? Everyone does!

This winter, you have the perfect opportunity to promote yourself in the old school style. Order a few dozen custom printed hoodies, jackets and beanies of different colors and designs, and give them away to your customers as a ‘thank you’ gift! Catchy and useful, custom printed hoodies worn by your customers is a walking promotion!

Looking for the best designers to place your bulk order for custom printed hoodies, jackets and beanies? Then contact us at Modern Graphics and avail top quality custom printed garments!



Why Businesses Should Switch To Uniforms From Regular Clothes For Day to Day Work?

This is an ongoing debate about whether uniforms should be made obligatory in important places of work. Although for many people it isn’t a debate because according to them uniforms should be the only way to get into the work zone. And we kind of agree with that. Because it’s a fact that the time and mental power we use in deciding what to wear every day is more than we are ashamed of wasting.

Have you ever looked at kids playing and enjoying their life without a worry about what they are wearing? Their clothes might be dirty or smaller in size or exactly the same as half the people in the world, they just don’t care and all their attention is towards that activity that they’re taking part in. And that is the kind of attitude we need to adopt for ourselves. If these kids still feel themselves and happy by dressing uniformly then why can’t we? Switch to a basic dress code for daily work routine and let Modern Graphics help you achieve that.

Established in Sicklerville, Williamstown, Berlin and Pine hill, Modern Graphics run a printing company, they cover screen printing for advertising and special events but they are mostly known for their excellent t-shirt printing services for their printed apparel.

There are many advantages of wearing uniformed, custom printed t-shirts; some of them are highlighted for you below.

1.   Sense of Equality

A group of people working in the same firm and wearing same clothing apparel will increase the sense of equality among them. No one would feel inferior or superior to the other and this would result in more open relations and communication between the co-workers which would lead to mire productivity. Due to this very reason many businessman are in favor of uniforms. Many organizations place huge orders for t-shirt printing in Modern Graphics, these t-shirts usually are custom designed and carry a logo of the organization on it.

2.   Preserves Decision Making Ability

As you know our life is full of choices and decisions. From the time that we hit the snooze button on our phones we have a long list of short and long term decisions to make waiting for us. It would be such a relief if we can cross off one thing off that list forever. And that is the decision to decide our outfit of the day. Important people with actual goals in life, like Steve Jobs wore one type of outfit for the rest of their lives and we can understand why. Making a difference into the world is more important than wearing a different outfit on daily basis.

3.   United Under One Cloth

Nothing encourages unity than wearing the same outfit as everyone else in your working area. It gives you the chance to express yourselves individually on another level and not by just what is on your body. That is why you see sportsmen wearing same outfits for the game or volunteers socializing wearing the same t-shirt or a group people dressed in a uniform in a Church. Children at public schools are also given uniforms for this very purpose, unity. In a world where everyone is too divided within each other, Modern Graphics unites them with their t-shirt printing services available in Sicklerville, Williamstown, Berlin and Pine hill.



Give Yourself a Dress Code and Watch Your Life Change

How many times does it happen, that the night before a day you are standing in front of your wardrobe and deciding what to wear? You already wore your favorite t-shirt on Monday so you could feel a little excited to start your week, then you wore some other t-shirt on Tuesday and something else on Wednesday and that’s how you found yourself looking for a different piece of clothing for all working days of the week.

We clearly understand the struggle because it is real and we used to face it too. Until we had the divine revelation and decided to give ourselves a dress code for the week and our lives have been so much better ever since. And it wasn’t something entirely new to some of us who attended the public schools, where every student has a dress code or a uniform that they had to wear every day.

If it was okay back in that time, then it sure should be okay now as well. Now we’re not saying you need to adopt a proper “uniform” for your work, but get something which can help you blend in without a lot of effort. Like for example a screen-printed comfortable yet stylish t-shirt from the Modern Graphics. Modern Graphics is a popular printing company which prints out custom designs on clothing apparel in Sicklerville, Williamstown, Berlin and Pine hill.

Printed apparel is becoming very common for people in different areas- even among businessmen- because it saves them their precious time, and time is money.

1.   Lesser competition

Life is a race. It’s a competition. We all grew up listening to this and the concept that we have to win this ‘competition’ is so deeply rooted into our minds that we want to win in every aspect of life, even clothing. But think about it, there’s so much competition around you already why do you want to take part in yet another one? Wearing the same type of clothing apparel on daily basis frees you of the mental exhaustion of choosing the best and different clothes every day. So if you live in Sicklerville, Williamstown, Berlin or Pine hill, head over to Modern Graphics for your t-shirt printing and give yourself a break.

2.   It Gives You a Signature Style Look

Dressing in the same manner every day to go to work is not boring, instead it gives you the chance to embrace your own signature style. Look at Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, these successful man went on to win the world wearing their uniform look. Even Albert Einstein the famous physicist opted for grey suits every day because he didn’t want to waste his ‘brainpower’ deciding what to wear daily. So go on decide your signature look with the help of screen t-shirt printing services by Modern Graphics.

3.   Promotes Unity

Schools which practice uniform clothing for students promote more unity and individuality as compared to students who wear casual clothes. Wearing the same clothing makes everyone feel comfortable and helps them focus on other things which are more important than just how someone dresses up. It eliminates judgment and builds stronger connection through reliability. That is one of the reasons Modern Graphics wanted to start with their t-shirt printing, to enhance unity.

4 Steps to Get The Perfect Custom Printed T-Shirt For Cancer Walks!

Cancer walks for awareness and fundraising is an important even hosted by several communities. The success of this event determines the progress of your community as it delivers awareness about the perils of cancer, the need for diagnosis on the right time, and the symptoms you must look out for.

Custom printed T-shirts play a huge part in achieving the goal of cancer walks. They’re vibrant and visually attractive, appealing to the mass audience, and successfully putting the message across the board. Because these T-shirts are more than just a fashion item or accessory, it is important for you to get them right!

So are you planning on getting custom printed T-shirts for your community’s upcoming cancer walk? Then take a look below at the step by step guide of getting them right:

Step 1: Use the Right Design

Logos, symbols, colors combined together, make up for the design for your custom printed T-shirts. When you’re marching off to cancer walks, you must keep the purpose of your activity in mind to plan the design.

Here are a few things you should consider:

  • Which type of cancer are we spreading awareness for?
  • Is the message clear and visible?
  • Does the design reach out to the audience?

The answers to these questions will help you come up with the perfect custom printed T-shirt for your cancer walk. For example, if you’re spreading awareness for breast cancer, you must use the ribbon symbol with the ‘We Love Boobies’ message in pink.

Step 2: Consider the Participants

You will be handing out the custom printed T-shirts to all the participants involved in the activity. But what you need to take into account is that there will be several participants and each one has a different physique and size. So before placing the order for a large batch of T-shirts, consider the following information:

  • Name of the participants
  • Email addresses or any other contact information of the participants
  • Sizes (get them measured)

Other than this, it is important to count each and every participant to get an understanding of the number of people involved. In this way, you will be able to avoid any shortages.

Step 3: Categorize

There are a bunch of people involved in the cancer walks: the sponsors, the admin, and the volunteers or participants. Every group must have a different custom Printed T-shirt to create a difference, and to make the sponsors of the event, the admin and the participants to remain recognizable.

Step 4: Get Ideas

The best way to get the custom printed T-shirts right is to make an engaging activity out of its designing. You can do this by allowing the participants to pitch in ideas in designing the shirts which will help you come up with the best and the most attractive t-shirts for the charity event!

With custom printed T-shirts, you will not only be refashioning the cancer walk, you will also be contributing to the greater good of your community!


3 Reasons Why Custom Printed T-Shirts Are the Best Way to Spread Cancer Awareness

Spreading awareness and raising funds for charity causes is one of the noblest things you can do to contribute to the betterment of the society.

These days when cancer has become the talk of the town, as a member of your community, it is your duty to address this fatal disease, spread awareness of its dangers, and emphasize on the need for timely medical treatment to cure it.

But spreading awareness and fundraising is to bring the subject matter under the public eye, and to deliver the message to the audience is a real ordeal. Thanks to the numerous resources available at hand, you can actually overcome this challenge and succeed in your mission of prosperity.

So if you’re planning a cancer walk to spread awareness and raise funds, take a look at the x reasons why you should get custom printed T-shirts for your cause:

Excellent For Fundraising

Custom printed T-shirts are extremely affordable to get. Especially (you will be), if they are ordered in bulk, you can get them at feasible prices and enjoy discounts as well. However, it is up to you to set the selling rate of the custom printed T-shirts during the cancer awareness and fundraising walk.

This means that when you are at the venue, you can sell the T-shirts at the most profitable way and successfully raise funds for the charity cause!

Walking Advertisement

When you place the order for custom printed T-shirt, you’re only paying for the T-shirt and its imprinting- nothing more! So when you do give the custom printed T-shirts to your sponsors, staff members and participants, you allow free-flowing promotion for your cause.

You must be wondering, “how is that possible?” Well, when everyone involved is clad in T-shirts, customized and imprinted with cancer awareness logo and slogans, the message will be clearly delivered to the audiences. You will be able to raise funds, spread the awareness message and promote your cause just with one useful tool: custom printed T-shirts!

Instill A Sense Of Pride And Achievement

Participating in a charity cause for the greater good of the society is an act of extreme kindness and generosity. This is an act of selflessness that makes a person (or the person contributing in the cause) to feel proud and accomplished.

By giving your participants a customized, printed T-shirt with the logo, slogan and message of cancer awareness, used for the cause of fundraising, you will give them a commodity that they would be able to hold onto forever, treasure in their hearts, and always be proud of. This will prompt them to continue with social service and participate in more cancer walks to come!



Custom Printed T-Shirts and Cancer Walks: An Unbreakable Relationship

“We are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start giving”- Michael Jackson

Cancer is one of those serious ailments that take away too many innocent lives that deserve to spend live a life full of love, passion and adventure. But if diagnosed in time, this once-incurable disease can be recovered from!

It is our- your- job as a part of the community to bring about a change, to spread love, positivity and awareness in the society to create a world that is a happy and healthy place to live in. As a part of the community, it is our job to spread awareness about this disease, its warning signs, and to raise funds for those who bear the brunt of this condition.

Cancer walks and marathons have emerged as a strong and concrete way of spreading awareness and raising funds to fuel the ascent of the society, away from the downs of cancer. Cancer walks allow locals and athletes to cover mileages of distance, raising funds at the rate of per kilometer covered.

This act of collectivity, of a community’s approach toward the betterment of the society is really brought out to the surface by one helping agent: custom printed T-shirts!

Wondering how custom printed T-shirts can really bring out the spirits of participants of the marathon? Take a look below to find out:

1.    Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Promote Homogeneity

When numerous individuals from all areas of life group together and strive to achieve a common goal, they need something to bring them closer to one another. To bind them together, you need to instill a sense of oneness and homogeneity in them, to make them feel like they’re all equally concerned about this cause. To develop such a sense, you need to constantly remind them of their goals and objectives: cancer awareness and fundraising through the walk.

You can instill such a sense of homogeneity in them with custom printed T-shirts! When all the participants walks, run or sprint wearing the same T-shirt, imprinted with a uniform message, they automatically feel united which allows them to overlook any differences that might breach their spirit of collectivity!

2.    Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Instill a Team Spirit

To illuminate the spirituality in any activity, especially one for a charity cause, it is vital for all the participants to work together. When the participants work as a group, they will be able to support each other to exert just a little more effort, to walk or run just a little more of the distance.

With custom printed T-shirts, they will feel like a group, a community, a team which will brighten up their spirits and encourage them to work together for the greater good of the society!

3.    Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Aid in Delivering the Message Across

When the participants are vestured in T-shirts custom printed with cancer awareness messages, slogans and logos, the message becomes more visible to the audiences watching them. In this way, the walk-marathon is successful in delivering its message and spreading cancer awareness to the audience.

Cancer awareness and fund raiser walks are an essential step toward the improvement of the community. This is why, it is important for you to take all the measures necessary such as getting custom printed T-shirts, in making it a hit!


4 Reasons Why Custom T-Shirts Are Important If You’re Going Back to School

Team Shirts

School life is one of the most memorable stages of our lives. This is the time when you’re at the prime of your youth and peak of your energy, and everything around you is vibrant and colorful! This is perhaps a time that will forever be imprinted in your memory and you’ll find yourself reminiscing over it, time and again.

Since the moments that pass by in your school will be a part of you in every step of life, this is the time you should be ornamenting with memories that you happily cherish in the years to come. And what better way to do so than getting custom printed T-shirts and hoodies?

If you’re wondering how custom printed T-shirts and hoodies are important for going back to school then take a look below:

1. Custom Printed T-Shirts Heed Team Spirit

We’re all our own people which means that we’re all very different. But regardless of the differences, you end up making lifelong friends because you share similar interest. But not everyone feels so comfortable in opening up to other people. This is where custom printed T-shirts and hoodies bridge the gaps of differences by cultivating a collective sense of team spirit.

As custom printed T-shirts and hoodies are imprinted with your school’s name and logo, and a similar design, they create a psychological effect to eliminate differences, allowing the students to feel connected and united. Effectively, students are instilled with team spirit.

2. Custom Printed T-Shirts Develop a Sense of Ownership

Custom printed T-shirts and hoodies are a way of representing the school. In effect, it develops a sense of belonging to the school, making students feel responsible for their actions and reactions as they affect the school’s name and reputation. It develops a sense of ownership, allowing the students to feel proud to have their names linked with their schools’ which boosts their motivation and fortifies their self-belief.

3. Custom Printed T-Shirts Harbor Discipline

Custom printed T-shirts and hoodies are a perfect addition to the school body as they harbor a sense of discipline. No matter where a student wanders off to, or gets lost, especially on field trip days, they always standout because of the t-shirt or hoodie with their school’s name and logo custom printed on them. As a result, schools are able maintain a disciplinary decorum.

4. Custom Printed T-Shirts Are a Prized Possession

Memories can begin to fade at any point in life which is why, concrete reminders of those memories are important to preserve those recollections forever. In a way, custom printed T-shirts and hoodies with the school name, logo and even the students’ names and the specific year of graduation are something that will forever be held onto by the students, keeping the flames of their memories kindled and burning bright. In making the alumni body feel always welcomed and belonged to the school, custom printed T-shirts and Hoodies play a vital role!

If summer’s over and the back to school bells are ringing then contact us to get custom printed T-shirts and Hoodies!

The Role of Custom Printed T-Shirts in the Development of Small Businesses

Employee work shirts

What is the most important thing for small businesses? The answer is quite simple- growth! As a small business, if you measure your success in terms of monetary growth, physical expansion or employee productivity then the key to achieving this is through successful marketing strategies that employ effective advertisements.

But here is the thing: marketing is expensive. Small businesses are usually tight on budget which makes effective marketing unlikely to happen- unless, you move to less pricey and more practical substitutes. This is where custom printed T-shirts play an eminent role.

· Inexpensive

Custom printed T-shirts are usually purchased in bulk orders. As a small business, this can turn out play in your favor as more often than not, suppliers offer discounts on bulk order placements so you can keep your marketing tasteful, trendy and budget-friendly.

· Mass audience access

If there’s one thing custom printed t-shirts are well-known for then it is being distributed to mass audiences. Mostly small businesses hand out their custom printed T-shirts during awareness marathons and bikeathons. This gives you an access to a large audience which increases your brand awareness significantly.

· Reaches target audience

Custom printed t-shirts offer plenty of room for creativity in designing! Since the name suggests ‘custom,’ there are lots of ways in which you can notch up the t-shirts to reach your target audience. For instance, if your business offers gender based products/ services, you can customize the t-shirts in pink and blue colors to reach your target audience in a more impactful way.

However, custom printed t-shirts are not just useful as promotional products. In fact, they can actually be used for your business’ internal purposes such as a uniform for your workforce.

Wondering how custom printed t-shirts are excellent uniforms? Take a look below to see why:

· Creates a sense of belonging

For a well-motivated and productive workforce, it is extremely important for you as a business to instill a sense of belonging within the employees. When employees vesture themselves in custom printed t-shirts with your business’ name and logo imprinted on it, they internally rationalize a sense of belonging to the business which allows them to take ownership of their workplace and take pride in what they do

Supporting A Local Business in Your Community Is Important

5 Reasons Why Supporting A Local Business in Your Community Is Important

The prosperity of your country can be weighed by the number of businesses that operate within it. This is because small businesses generate economic progress, bringing about development and success to the country and the community.

However, the contribution of small businesses is not just restricted to economic welfare; it also stretches to being a part of collective social and communal growth.

A new, local business just opened up in your community? Then take a look at the 5 reasons why it is important to support a local business in your community:

1.    Community’s Prosperity

The new local business in your community will contribute to your overall social welfare. Unlike the case with massive, multi-national chains that hoard profits for their own interests, the local business is a part of your community, perhaps even established by someone you know. With your support as a consumer, the local business will thrive and give back to the community, aiding in an overall prosperity.

2.    Collective Identity

As part of your community, you develop a sense of belonging and pride yourself in being a member of this very area. Local businesses allow you to cherish your sense of identity and belonging as their success attracts tourism, making you feel like the whole world is in your favor. Have you ever seen how the New Orleans has developed a sense of collective identity by enhancing the French Quarters? The number of tourists it attracts is phenomenal! Therefore, simply by supporting a local business in your community, you are in fact constructing a character for your neighborhood, allowing you to contribute in its socio-economic progress.

3.    Community Involvement

Remember that the entrepreneur of the local business operating in your community is an integral member of your community. With your support, as their business thrives, they will be able to get involved in the community, monetarily. For instance, they will be able to set up functions, donate for charities, and sponsor events to encourage young talent or even participate in promoting a social cause. In the longer run, this will bring about a positive social change in your community.

4.    Lower Prices

Plenty of local businesses in comparison with a massive store with a market monopoly will be more fruitful for the community as a whole. This is because businesses with monopolies have a predatory culture, benefiting self-interests only. On the other hand, local businesses will have competition in the market, allowing them to keep the prices of their products low. In this way, with just your consumerist support, you will be encouraging a competitive market, and help your community enjoy a cost-effective lifestyle.

5.    Greater Employment

Local businesses start out at a small scale. With your support, they grow and expand themselves. It is inevitable for them to need more help in a bigger workplace, creating opportunities for younger people in your community which leads to greater employment.

While you’re contributing to a collective growth by supporting local business in your community, you’re benefiting self-interests as well, allowing you to enjoy a better lifestyle and be a part of a friendly community!

Support your local business because you’re the one who has got to have their backs!