How Your Creativity Ends Up On A T Shirt

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Team Uniforms

Being able to create your own custom T Shirts is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it. Even less than 100 years ago you would be lucky to have some day wear that was actually comfortable, and casual dress as we know it didn’t even exist. Today we are spoilt for choice with comfortable clothing. We have high quality spun cotton on seamless tube t shirts, and of course we can customize these T Shirts for uses as diverse as a business promotion, sports team wear, or simply as a creative outlet.

What you might not know, is how those ideas actually get transferred on to your T Shirts, and to answer that question you would need to learn a little about screen printing.

Screen printing is incredibly important for the textile industry, because it’s a method that enables companies like the T Shirt printers in New Jersey to transfer multi colored and complex prints on to T Shirts and other clothing items like shirts and jackets. Screen printing takes graphics from a computer and prints them on to film or vellum to be transferred to a T Shirt. A design your own T Shirt could have multiple films, depending on the different colors being used. Simple single color graphics or text usually only require a single film.

The materials used in screen printing are light sensitive, so the films are developed in a light box much like photographs are. The film is transferred to the screen during this process, and that screen is now essentially a stencil, ready to have ink applied for the printing process. The ink is applied to the screen using a squeegee, but because of the previous steps, only the graphic or text will make it through on to the final product. A press is used as one of the last steps to bind the ink with the fabric of the T Shirt, making it possible for T Shirt printers in New Jersey to produce your custom designs, commemorative shirts, staff T Shirts, or anything that you’re producing.

Screen printing has existed for hundreds of years, and modern methods hold true to the original concepts, albeit with some newer materials and equipment to make the process more efficient. Today screen printing allows for professional and consistent printing on to T Shirts, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you design your own. Why not start the creative process now and have your own designs screen printed in New Jersey?

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