Custom printed t-shirts: In a league of their own

As spring gets closer, it’s time for kids and adults to sign up for all types of sports teams. T-ball, bowling, little league, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, golf and more.

Nothing boosts team spirit like custom imprinted t-shirts and hoodies. Designed to reflect your team’s colors and slogans, they enhance game day, both at home and away.

Create a “sea of support”

When team members and their supporters wear printed t-shirts, they create a “sea of color” that makes the fan base seem large and powerful — providing a psychological advantage to your team.


Boost fundraising efforts.

Wearing the custom t-shirts and hoodies on non-game days makes the team’s name visible throughout the community, enhancing opportunities for fundraising. And, of course, the hoodies and t-shirts themselves can be a powerful money-making tool. The shirts can be sold at a profit, given as prizes at community Chinese auctions, and used as premiums for higher-dollar donations.

Maintain uniform standards.

At Modern Graphics, even the most intricate logo can be reproduced with high-quality inks, on fabrics that stand up to the wear and tear of sports. Designers can even help update or refresh a logo or create an entirely new one, if necessary. And both t-shirts and hoodies can be customized to complement each team’s official uniform.

A local, friendly resource.

Because Modern Graphics is located in the Camden County and Gloucester County area, service is convenient and fully personalized. One-on-one consultations allow you to choose the exact types, sizes, colors and styles you prefer, and receive them quickly and affordably.

Don’t wait until busy season to order – the time to give your team a stand-out look is now. Call upon Modern Graphics we’re in a league of our own, too!


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