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When it comes to clothing designs, there are so many different ways to put patterns and designs on cloth. While it can be done with sewing which is the case with embroidery, it can also be done using printing devices. There are so many different printing methods, but the most popular out of them all is the screen printing methods. Screen printing method has presented ways for clothing companies and other brands, to customize their designs on clothes and other items. With innovative technology is reaching into every aspect of human life, the print industry is also being advanced.

The screen printing method made it possible for fashion companies to meet the demands of their clients in no time.

Screen Printing

Screen printing can be seen as the more traditional printing method. This is because colors in every design are separated and then burned on separate fine-mesh screens. This method requires different screens to be used for different colors which are then merged in the end to get the required results. These screens are then used to transfer the ink to the shirts. Majority of printing companies make use of screen printers due to its cost-effectiveness when it comes to printing a large number of clothes. Some others make use of the screen printing because they are not ready yet to make the switch to digital printers. For designs which require very bright colors, especially against a very dark background such as black or dark blue, screen printing is often a great option.

When screen printing, the dye is the source of the colors. This dye is often applied in large quantities which makes the colors pop brightly, even more than it does in digital printing. The process of screen printing is also faster and easier to make use of. Despite the advent of digital printing, screen printing remains relevant and very important in order to reach a wide audience.

Why people choose screen printing?

  1. Screen printing presents an opportunity to be hand pulled. When a print is hand-pulled, it makes it have a very different appeal. It also presents an opportunity to be creative.
  2. The quality on screen printing on any fabric or item is very high. This is because the ink from the screen print rests strongly on the surface of the fabric and this presents a very nice and tactile result.
  3. In order to personalize a brand, it is essential to have a personalized design. Screen printing makes it possible for you to personalized t-shirts and many other items. This makes it more appealing and attractive to a target audience. Screen printing is the only printing option which provides customization services on all kinds of items. This makes organizations, small business owners and other brands eager to make use of the services. With screen printing services, you can also be at rest that your graphics will not fade out after putting the item in the laundry.
  4. Reliability is something that screen printing offers. If you reside in Washington Twp. NJ 08012 and Williamstown NJ & Winslow NJ 08081, or any other towns close by, a screen printing company like Modern Graphics will definitely provide you with screen print services which will meet up with all your needs. Screen printing services can also provide you with high-quality jobs and at the right time. You can also get distribution services to make your work much easier for you.
  5. So many organizations prefer hiring screen print services due to the pricing they offer. This is because the more items you need to be printed upon, the lesser the overall pricing. Ordering for custom screen printing from a professional company like Modern Graphic will give you a choice to order for printing services in bulk. This creates savings for both the printing company and the client. So for large organizations printing shirts for lots of staff, they can easily hire screen printing services and get all the printing they need for a fair price.
  6. Every brand is said to be unique based on their originality. There are so many different brands selling the same products or offering the same services. In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important for every part of the brand to be customized. Making use of screen printing gives a brand’s staff this uniqueness. When people see the exact colors on an outfit, they will easily recognize the brand. In order to present the originality of the brand perfectly, custom screen printing is the best way to go about it.
  7. Everyone wants to get what they are paying for, and the truth is most organizations pay for quality services and products. Other forms of graphics printing might present substandard work, but graphics printing will always present quality results, especially when carried out by a professional. When you work with a company like Modern Graphics which has the right equipment and trained staff, you can be certain your graphic designs won’t begin to wear out, crack or fade in a very long time. You can also be sure that there would not be any mistakes made which will result in a loss of your fabrics.


Advantages of screen printing

  • Cost efficiency: Screen printing is very cost efficient for large orders. For organizations which have a large customer base and also get large orders, the screen printing method is the best method to make use of.
  • Variety of printable fabrics: Screen printing has a large number of items which it can print designs and images upon. This is because there is no need for the surface to be printed under pressure. Items which screen printing can be used on include textiles such as silk, cotton, wool, polyester and so on. It can also be used to print designs on glass, wood, plastics, and even balloons.
  • High quality: Screen printing produces high-quality designs. As stated above, the dye used to print out the designs are often applied in huge amounts, making the design shine brightly and last for an extended period of time. Screen printed designs when done properly do not fade or wear off for an extended period of time. Also, it is not hard to spot the quality in a cloth with properly done screen printing.


The major benefits in screen printing can be found in the color, the material, and the time frame. When you compare these to other types of graphics printing methods, you will see that screen printing takes the cake. Screen printing provides much brighter colors, can be used on any kind of material and can be done within a very short time frame. If you reside in Washington Twp. NJ 08012 and Williamstown NJ & Winslow NJ 08081, or any other towns close by, and you are in need of screen printing graphics for any fabric, Modern Graphic is the best option for you. Modern Graphics can help you carry out graphical printing on t-shirts, promotional items, bags, caps, apparels and so on. You can also be sure to get top quality work from Modern Graphics. For more information, visit call 856-728-6300 today!

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