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Custom Hoodies

The hoodie is a term used for a casual jacket provided with an attached hood. Sweatshirt with hood stitched at the collar is also known as a hoodie. This fashionable wear is very popular among all young people and now many middle-aged people also prefer to wear this apparel in the cooler season. Hence, many corporate companies gift similar hoodies to all their employees, irrespective of their ranks or age groups.


Motives behind gifting screen printed hoodies to all staffs


Comfortable wear for colder days –Since the fall days will be starting shortly, winter is also expected within a few months. So, good quality hoodies will be the perfect gift that can be given to all employees of an organization. These bright colored hoodies will keep them warm and comfortable while working in the office during the cooler days of the year. These hoodies made of thick fabrics will also protect them against cough, cold, and fever that usually make people bed-ridden during winters.


Increase productivity of staffs – Generally, corporate gifts are occasionally given to employees for encouraging them in doing better work in the office. A smartly designed hoodie can be the best gift for them. Sometimes, such gifts may also be given as rewards of their hard work so that they will be inspired to work even harder. These gifts also show the concern of the company management for their employees, which make them work more faithfully for the profits of the organization. Thus, the productivity of the receivers of these attractive hoodies is sure to increase considerably.


Welcome gift for a new employee –A person may feel a bit unfamiliar for the first few days when he joins a new company. Hence, it is a great idea to welcome him with a nice gift, to make him instantly comfortable with his new employer. Now, a customized screen printed hoodie can be the ideal gift for a recruit, which will cheer him up and encourage in working diligently for this organization.  Thus, it is best to keep ready a large number of hoodies for gifting to all new employees whenever they join the company.


Budget-friendly corporate gifts –The purchase of a screen printed hoodie is more affordable than many other corporate gifts that will be appreciated by all employees. Since these hoodies are usually ordered in bulk numbers, their costs are much cheaper than buying individual hoodies or other gifts. Thus, the company management can smartly keep the expense of giving gifts to all employees at a limited budget, without hampering the company profits.


Modern Graphics is a renowned screen printing company of South Jersey, which creates customized hoodies and other apparels for customers. There is a wide range of shades available for the hoodies so that customers can get plenty of options while placing the order. Some companies upload the designs of their corporate logos on the website of Modern Graphics, for imprinting on the ordered hoodies. However, some clients depend on the expertise of the experienced graphic designers of this company, to receive the most impressive designs on their ordered hoodies.  The excellent quality of screen printing is another vital reason for their choosing the service of Modern Graphics. Please email us at











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