Donate T-Shirts and Help Your Charity Raise Money!

Customized Tee shirts and hoodies are a powerful way to raise money for charities.

That’s because people love to show the world that they’re supporting a worthy cause. Branded Tees also last longer than expensive mailers or ad campaigns, because they’re worn in public for months, if not years. Customized T-shirts also communicate the charity’s message and encourage others to support it.

"No One Fights Alone" - customized T-Shirts that help fight breast cancer. Photo Courtesy Modern Graphics
No One Fights Alone” – customized T-Shirts that help fight breast cancer. Photo Courtesy Modern Graphics

Why not donate branded T-Shirts?

Donating screen printed T-shirts can help your favorite charity raise even more money.

The T-shirts can be given as rewards to those who raise the most funds, win a contest or accomplish some other significant goal. But the organization can also sell them directly to raise additional money.

Many non-profit groups would love to be able to promote their cause with screen-printed T-shirts. But often, they’d rather use their existing funds to carry on their good works. Your donation will help them concentrate on their good works — and find new contributors at the same time.

Charitable keep on giving.

Recently, the Washington Township Education Foundation donated the money to buy Tee shirts promoting the annual Helping Hands Hoagie Sale. As a result, all proceeds from the hoagie sale can be used to help local families facing serious medical bills. And the T-shirts will continue to advertise the cause in shopping malls, local sporting events, movie theaters and other public venues.


An easy way to help battle children's cancer. Photo Courtesy Modern Graphics
An easy way to help battle children’s cancer with printed T-shirts. Photo Courtesy Modern Graphics

Modern Graphics offers a 10% discount when you donate customized T-Shirts

When you donate 100 or more to a nonprofit organization, local charity or philanthropic group, you’ll receive a 10% discount. In addition, your purchase may even be tax-deductible if the group meets certain IRS requirements.

Springtime charity walks, marathons, bike rides and more are being scheduled now.

Consider helping them to raise even more money—with a donated customized, screen-printed T-shirt from Modern Graphics!

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