Fun Tee Shirts – Perfect for Your Next Teen Birthday Party

birthday  tee shirt designThrowing a birthday party for teens is always an adventure. The last thing you want is to throw a party that only gets an eye roll from your teen. To make your party teen friendly, you’ll want to choose a great theme that is relevant to teens, such as a music themed party or a dance themed party. Of course, when teens attend parties, most of them have a tough time deciding what they should wear. For your next teen birthday party, make it easy by designing fun tee shirts that everyone can wear to the party. No one will need to feel stressed over what to wear.

Choose a Design That Goes with the Theme

Since you can design your own tee shirt, you can be creative with the design. However, it’s a great idea to choose a shirt design that goes along with the party theme. For example, if you’re throwing a teen party with a music or rock and roll theme, carry that theme over into the tee shirt design. You can even choose tee shirts in a color that goes along with your party décor.

Use it as an Invitation or a Party Favor

After you design your own tee shirts, you can use the shirts as an invitation or a party favor. If you use the shirts as an invitation, send them out to teens before the party. Add an attached card with all the party details. Just make sure you add a note to let everyone know they are supposed to wear their tee shirts to the party. Another option is to use the shirts as party favors. When teens arrive, hand out the shirts for them to wear. Then, have them take the shirts home with them at the end of the party as a cool party favor.

Make your teen’s birthday party the coolest on the block. To make sure you choose a design teens will appreciate, you may want to ask your teen to help you choose the color and design.

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