How to Get Custom Printed T-Shirts for the Graduating Class of 2017

How to Get Custom Printed T-Shirts for the Graduating Class of 2017

As we are moving further and further into the year 2017, the time when the class of 2017 will graduate is also coming nearer and nearer. Each year, for every graduating class of the year, there is something unique and special that is done to give them something memorable to look back on.

Different institutes have different approaches since they all want to stand out, but there is always one thing that every institute, be it school, college or university, has in common: custom printed or screen printed t-shirts. Yes, you read that right!

Every institution wants students that are proud about where they graduated from, but the process of graduating and the graduation ceremony is always a tearful and emotional event for all. Most institutes all have some form of custom printed apparel that they give to all of their students.

Some institutes get the names of the students printed on the shirts while some choose to stick to printing their logos on either side of the shirts. Either way, it is a good way for the students to remember their institutes. Even ten years later, when they stumble across the shirt, they are sure to look at it with a smile on their faces.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that the graduating class of the year 2017 should get the same old designs on their t-shirts too. There are over a hundred ways to portray a message when it comes to custom printed or screen printed t-shirts. However, not every custom printer or designer would give you a wide variety of options, so you have to search for a professional that would help you out in that context.

The most simple approach to getting custom printed shirts for the entire graduating class of 2017 would be to have the year ‘2017’ printed on the back of the shirt, and the logo of the institution preferably on the front. This might be a dry idea to some but you can experiment with the color of the shirt, or the material of the shirt or the style of the shirt.

There are various options that are available when it comes to the color. However, the most popular colors continue to be red, black, blue and white. The material of the shirt is entirely a personal choice although the most popular choice would be linen or cotton. For an edgy but unique look, burn-out material can also be used. There won’t be much variety in the style of the t-shirt since the only three options would be half-sleeved, full-sleeved or sleeveless, with half-sleeved being the most popular option amongst all.

The color of the text or the graphic on the t-shirt can also be experimented with by opting for colored custom printing or screen printing. It is advisable though, to only go to a trained and experienced professional custom printer or screen printer. Other than the color, fonts and sizes of the graphics that you want printed on the shirts can also be experimented with to get you the desired result.

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