Get Screen Printed T-Shirts for Your Brand

Get Screen Printed T-Shirts for Your Brand

Nowadays, companies and brands are eager to get more ideas on how they can make their logos stand out in a more attractive way. Among the many different ways that one can come across, custom designed t-shirts and other screen printed merchandise continues to be one of the most favored ideas to scream out the name of your brand in a sea full of people.

Getting your logo or your slogan printed on a t-shirt and having your whole team wear it, is definitely a great technique to gather attention and get your name out there, because let’s face it, everyone notices what you wear. There are various ways and methods to design a shirt, but keep in mind that not only should the design on the shirt be pleasing to the eye, it should also feature an excellent quality material.

This way, the viewer and the wearer would both be content, which would help you get the logo or slogan of your brand across and help generate revenue at the same time. However, if your company or brand does not have a logo yet, there are various graphic designers that can help you design one.

Moreover, it cannot be stressed enough how important the fabric of the t-shirt is for the general public that is going to be wearing it. A good quality fabric will tell you how well the shirt can hold its shape regardless of the number of times you wash it or wear it.

The most common fabric that is used to stitch t-shirts is combed cotton. The fabric used in combed cotton is a combination of softness, smoothness and strength and shirts made of this fabric are rather long-lasting, which is why it is one of the most favored fabrics.

That is not to say that only combed cotton should be used to design t-shirts, since there are a number of other fabrics that do just as good a job as combed cotton like burn-out fabric for instance. Burn-out fabrics are created by taking any fabric and treating it with chemical processes which results in quite an edgy look, so if sheer patches and edgy looks suit you better, this is the fabric you should use.

Linen is also one of the popular preferences when it comes to t-shirts and is made from flax plants. Although linen t-shirts are cool and comfortable to wear, the one problem with it is that it wrinkles way too easily. But in the case of screen printing, linen t-shirts are great since the fabric is light and the print will catch on easily.

Other fabrics include jersey which gives a t-shirt the highly sought after flexibility and comfort. Modal is also a rather nice fabric which is actually a type of rayon, although if a t-shirt is stitched using modal, the dryer should be avoided at all costs. Other types of fabrics include polyester, pigment dyed, organic cotton, rib knit, slub and Pima supima. Any of these fabrics are ideal for screen printing and would serve you well.

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