Gildan Tee Shirts – Great for Imprinting

The best shirts for imprinting should be good quality shirts that are comfortable. Gildan apparel meets every requirement for high quality printable clothing. These shirts are well made to be comfortable and hold their shape. This makes them ideal for imprinting since the graphic will not become distorted as they might with cheaply made shirts.

Some of the most popular tee shirts available for printing at Modern Graphics from the Gildan teeshirts line include the G2000, G5000 and G8000. Though you might think a tee shirt is a tee shirt, there are differences and it helps to know what those differences are when choosing a shirt. Here is some information on these three shirts that will help you decide which you prefer.

G2000: The material of this shirt is called Ultra Cotton. It is a jersey knit of 100% cotton with a weight of 6 ounces. The cloth is preshrunk so there is little to no shrinkage after the shirt is sewn. The available sizes range from small to 5xl so there is a size for nearly any adult. With 63 colors to choose from, finding just the right color is not a problem.

G5000: Like the G2000, this jersey knit adult shirt is also 100% cotton and preshrunk. Its weight is 5.3 ounces, slightly lighter but still considered heavy cotton. The size range is a bit shorter with sizes ranging from small to 3xl. There is no shortage of color choice with 63 colors to choose from.

G8000: The material used to make this shirt is 50% cotton and 50% dryblend polyester. The weight of this jersey knit shirt is a nice 5.6 ounces so you know it is not going to be too thin. The size range is quite good with a range of small to 5xl. It does not have quite the color options as the other two with just 35 colors but still has a good choice of colors.

It is easy to see why these Gildan tee shirts are so popular. G2000 and G5000 are particularly good choices for people who need or want to be sure they wear only 100% cotton clothing. All three Gildan teeshirts have a nice weight to them so they don’t have that threadbare feeling that cheap shirts do. The surprise with these shirts is that the price is so reasonable even with the printing. What more could be asked for?

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