It’s time to order your team’s t-shirts!

All over South Jersey, parents and kids are signing up for school, business and neighborhood sports teams. Now is the time to get ready with coordinated, customized team t-shirts.

But why limit the fun to the players?

Order additional screen-printed t-shirts and let those who support your team show their colors, too! Extra promotional t-shirts can be given away or sold to raise money for equipment, field rental, refreshments and more.

Team T-Shirts make everyone feel like a winner!
Team T-Shirts make everyone feel like a winner!

Company team t-shirts help promote your brand, as well!

Every time your softball, baseball or other sports team plays, your business’s name is out there for everyone to see. Add a logo and tag line to give people a reason to think of your company first.

When you give away additional branded t-shirts, you’ll help to market your product or service throughout the area, as people wear them to grocery stores, shopping malls and family outings.


Spread the love - encourage customers to wear your branded T-shirts
Spread the love – encourage customers to wear your branded T-shirts

Add promotional items to make your team feel even more special.

Water bottles imprinted with the team’s name are always useful, for players and spectators alike. Lanyards help to keep keys and other essentials organized. And imprinted rally towels keep everyone on the sidelines excited about their team.

Make your design stand out, too!
At Modern Graphics, we have professional designers who can help your t-shirts and promotional items pop. We can even help you come up with a rally tag line if you prefer!

The time to order team t-shirts is now.

Get your team in the spirit with South Jersey’s premier custom t-shirts. Contact Modern Graphics today and find out how you can qualify for a terrific discount on your next order. Your team will love it, and the discount will make any resales more profitable, too!

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