New Jersey – A Land Of Jeans And Tee Shirts

When it comes to tee shirts New Jersey is much the same as any other US State, although you will probably find more tee shirts in New Jersey than you would in most other States. This is of course largely due to the fact that it’s the fourth most populous State in America. Strangely enough, New Jersey is the second wealthiest US State, so one would think most people would have started drifting away from wearing tee shirts, which are probably the most common form of clothing in the world. In truth however, the humble T-Shirt is as iconic today as it has ever been.

The popularity of tee shirts knows no boundaries. They are loved by one and all, regardless of wealth; race; gender or creed, but when did this unshakable relationship begin? In America, tee shirts first appeared when they were issued by the US Navy. This took place around the time of the Spanish American, and the tee shirts were originally intended to be worn as underwear.

Before long, tee shirts became the option of choice among laborers; construction workers; farm hand and dock workers. By this point, tee shirts were no longer seen solely as underwear, and their popularity grew rapidly because most people found them to be more comfortable than other shirts when working in warm weather. With New Jersey playing a leading role during the industrial revolution, tee shirts were bound to be a huge hit, and they were.

The Marlon Brando Effect

While some of the younger generation might not know or remember Hollywood star, Marlon Brando, it was him who took the popularity of tee shirts to new height when he appeared wearing a plain white tee shirt in the movie, A Streetcar Named Desire. It was only then that the status of tee shirts officially changed from being underwear to being an outer garment. Suddenly, tee shirts were “cool” and fashionable, and everyone wanted to been wearing them. As we all know, this immense popularity has never faded.

Whether you want to buy designer brand tee shirts, custom design tee shirts, or just a plain colored teeshirt New Jersey will certainly never let you down in terms of having lots of choice.

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