Make School Trips More Fun with Custom T-shirts.

School is back in session! That means homework, projects, sports — and school trips.

Chaperoning 20 or more students, especially young children, can be a challenge even for the most experienced teacher or parent. This is especially true if the school trip is in a crowded environment, such as historical Philadelphia, a zoo, or other popular public venues.

Custom t-shirts can be one good way to ensure that you always know where each child is at all times.

Keep track of everyone on a school trip with custom printed t-shirts.  It’s easier to count heads when everyone is wearing the same color t-shirt. The students themselves also feel part of a group, enhancing school spirit and pride. And the t-shirts themselves can become a memento of a fun day.

Keep track of everyone on a school trip with custom printed t-shirts.

Here are some ideas to make your next school trip safer and more memorable:

• Include the name of the school on the back of the t-shirt.
• Choose a bright color that will stand out in a crowd. If your school colors are navy blue, choose a blue that is brighter for the t-shirt itself — and use the official color for the school’s name.
• Day-Glo colors can also be good for field trips to places like amusement parks since you’ll be able to spot one of your students even on a ride.
• Don’t put the names of the children on their t-shirts, since that would give too much information to strangers.
• Consider a fun logo for the school trip to be designed on the front of the t-shirts, to create a souvenir. A dinosaur would be a great choice for the natural history museum, for example, a roaring lion for the zoo, or a fun Picasso-like graphic for a visit to an art museum. At Modern Graphics, our designers can help you create something extra special no matter where you’re headed!
• Make sure your adult chaperones and teachers have matching t-shirts, as well. This will help the children find someone they can trust, should they wander away from the group.
• At Modern Graphics, you can order a variety of sizes to fit the students and adult chaperones!

Don’t wait until the last minute to design your field trip t-shirts! Give yourself time to think about the colors, textures, and ideas that will make your trip more fun, safe and memorable!

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