Out Sourcing Your Screen Printing

Sub-Printing for those who need it

Custom printing service allows your customers to create a logo for their business or for any other purpose they might need a logo for. Since it is not your task to design and print logos- let us do the job for you!

So, here are the factors that are needed to be taken into consideration when authorizing a customized logo:

The Geometry of the Logo

The initial consideration we need to take into mind is the size of the logo. Does your customer want it big or small? What shape should it be in? Does it comprise of a basic geometrical figure or is it far more complex and features a more complicated shape?

Decide on a shape so that we can proceed with the development of your customer’s logo’s design.

The Purpose of the Logo

What kind of a purpose will the logo serve? Is it going to be short-termed or long-lasting? What kind of a surface does your customer want it to be printed over? Do you want your logo to be printed on a t-shirt or a bag?

The Main Design

Is your customer designing a logo to support a cause or their own business? Is the logo for commercial or recreational purpose? Do they want their logo to be all out and eye-catching or do you want it subtle yet classy? Do they want it vibrant and colorful or do they want the logo to be dark and exotic?

What Should You Do?

Are you looking for a classic printing service to promote your brand name at affordable rates? We can definitely help you there!

Wholesale Screen Printing:

For a lot of retailers, printing themselves is an expensive option. They are better at direct dealing with the clients as compared to taking the job as printers. Most of the time they lack a proper knowledge of the type of material of fabric to be used for a t-shirt and the type of ink to be used that would be long-lasting. Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, we provide them with wholesale screen printing as they sub-contract us for printing the orders they receive.

Advertising Screen Printing:

Plenty of times, major brands sponsor TV shows, commercials, sports events, charity events and etc. For all these activities they need their customized merchandize in order to promote their own brand name. Advertising agencies hire us on sub-contract basis to screen print t-shirts with their own, customized logos in bulk. This way they’re able to retain mass volume of t-shirts and we provide them with high-quality printing at a reasonable price.

Since we’re not only experienced but also qualified with each and every detail that goes in excelling screen printing, we are always available to assist are clients whether you’re looking for wholesale screen printing or if you operate an advertising agency.

Drop by your requirements and let our professionals handle your job!

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