Top Reasons School Bands Wear Matching Shirts

Members of the school band spend hours practicing their profession every day. Separately, in small groups, or all together, they work through routines and music. Delight in a great performance makes the hectic pace worthwhile, even when it’s a practice drill on the football field. Friends and faculty sit in the bleachers to watch the group, easily identified by their imprinted tee shirts.

Band uniforms, although impressive, are expensive. It is more cost-effective to rent standard and marching band uniforms for the most important events. On the other hand, imprinted tee shirts are an affordable way to have an informal uniform for school clubs or organizations. Team colors like cardinal red, blazing gold, brilliant scarlet and turquoise blue are available in a number of sizes. Simply pick the slogan and style of writing for the custom imprinting.

What’s the easiest way to identify the volunteers, staff, and band members you’re looking for when several schools meet? The royal purple shirt narrows the search; Riverside High Band emblazoned across the front or back of the shirt gives it away. The group will be lined up and ready to go in no time at all.

A city of seasons brings about the need for more than one style of uniform. That is another reason imprinted tees are an ideal choice for any group. Choose long sleeve cotton tees for cool weather and the ever popular short sleeved t-shirt for warmer days. Practicing on the hot tarmac is a bit more bearable when wearing a comfortable 50/50 blend no sleeve tee.

A fundraiser to help cover the cost of setup, printing, and shirts helps cover the expense. Participants wearing shirts from previous years get the message across about identifying the location and organization of a group or individual.

Ask 3 or 4 other people to go over the written request for shirt printing before placing the order. Anyone can transpose or misspell on occasion; it’s easier to catch with several pairs of eyes. “Rivreside High Band” on a hundred or more shirts can be avoided by requesting a copy of the setup and faxing back approval before printing.

Order extras of each imprinted tee-shirt size. New members will feel like part of the group from the very first day.

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