Unique Customized Tee Shirts to Make Your School Club Stand Out

customized tee shirts
School Spirit

Every high school and college has organizations and clubs based on students’ interests. In most cases, these groups don’t have specific clothing of any sort for students to wear to let other students know of their affiliation. If you or your child or if you are a faculty sponsor of a club or organization, why not consider designing a tee shirt for members to wear that will help make others aware of your group’s presence?

Design a logo that represent what the club or organization is about and have it printed on tee shirts the members can wear as a means to identify themselves as member and help recruit new members. A certain day each week or once a month can be a designated day for all members to wear their shirts. If the group is having an open house or sponsoring an event, this is also an ideal time to wear them.

Tee shirts can also be a great fundraiser. Have shirt similar to the groups official shirt printed but maybe without the group’s name and in various colors so they have a broader appeal. The best way to sell the shirts is to have a brochure with the choices printed in it and take orders before having the shirts made. Doing this will allow the exact number of shirts ordered to be made rather than trying to estimate how many will sell and ordering in advance. This allows shirts to be ordered in the sizes needed as well. A few can be ordered for display purposes and for some immediate sales.

Uniquely designed customized tee shirts help club members stand out on campus and can result in a club or organization growing and having a bigger impact than before. Service clubs may find they are able to make a bigger difference in the community when they are easily identified and easier to remember. With a great tee shirt showing off their unique logo, members will look forward to “Tee Shirt” day.

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