Why Fundraising For Schools With T Shirts Works

Fundraising For Schools – Ideas

Coming up with ideas for a school fundraiser isn’t that difficult. There’s the usual of options of car washes, school productions with entry fees, and school fair days which are all viable ways to raise money for your school. But there’s one thing you can do that turns maximum profits, and is educational and involving for your students as well. And that’s fundraising with custom printed school T-Shirts.

Starting a fundraising program by selling T-Shirts doesn’t just help you raise money for new equipment, projects, or educational outings, it also allows you to provide a lot of learning value to your students at the same time. By approaching and presenting the fundraising project to your students in the right way, you can make the fundraiser exciting, involving, and extremely rewarding for the whole school.

  • Look at the project as if it were an actual business. Start off by setting goals for your fundraiser, and then assigning tasks throughout the school. You can even start this on the classroom level by assigning project managers from each class, who will co-ordinate all the activities among the students.
  • Get creative on your T-Shirt design. Whether you are going to promote just the school, one of your sports teams, school values, or even showcase designs made by the students, there’s room for the whole class to get involved here. You could run a competition to provide the best design, or take a design from each class which represents the students and who they are. A T-Shirt fundraiser can make great use of your schools art department and learning programs, giving students the opportunity to see their work on a completed product, which will then make its way in to the community.
  • Use the fundraiser as an opportunity to teach kids about economics and business. Take some class time to go over your goals and budgets, explaining the relationships between investment and the returns that the school will make. The children will respond best to goals and targets, so set out milestones at the beginning of the project, making it easy to track progress.
  • Settings roles like project managers, team leaders, designers, inventory managers etc. will help the students to learn about their roles in an organization, enabling them to learn how their efforts can go towards a common goal. A fundraiser is an excellent opportunity for team building and fostering school spirit.

With all of these benefits, it’s hard to imagine why you would choose other options over custom T-Shirt fundraisers. There’s opportunities for getting the whole school involved from the faculty and students, to the parents, and even the wider community.

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