Why Team Shirts Work Best for Players

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Being part of an amateur league sports team is a great way to keep up your fitness, keep your mind sharp, and a great way for people of all ages to enjoy being part of a team and working towards common goals. If you’re a team captain, coach, or even a team owner, keeping your team mates happy and working well together is always a top priority, no matter what sport you’re playing.

Team building is a big deal in any sport, but it’s not always obvious as to how you should go about it. It’s good news then that it’s actually quite easy to start building your team, and increasing team spirit, by introducing something as simple as a customized team shirt for your players and support crew.

Team uniforms, even in the most minor of leagues, can help to make your team stand out, and let your squad feel like they are all part of something bigger. A sports team is a unit, so why not have everyone dressing as such? Customized play shirts, or even custom designed T-Shirts for use off the field, can bring your team closer together, as well as get your team noticed.

Did you ever wonder why soldiers wear uniforms? They’re not just functional for battle, besides aiding in discipline, the main reason is that a uniform makes way for strong team building, by creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie between members of a team or unit. The same principles will apply to your sports team, so imagine how something as simple as a customized shirt can get your team working better together on game day.

The benefits of customized apparel for sports teams goes beyond just team building. Within any given team, everybody has a role to do. In high energy team sports like basketball, hockey, football, or rugby, it can be difficult at times to recognize team members, and what their function is. This is especially true during intense moments of game play, and in amateur sports the problem becomes even bigger, due to lax uniform guidelines, or a lack of enforcement. Customized uniforms can help your team recognize each other during play, and you can even go a step further by introducing numbering or names on to your printed shirts, letting players and coaches quickly recognize any of their team mates in the game, giving your team an even bigger edge while on the court or pitch.

Maybe the question then shouldn’t be: why would we have a team uniform?, but rather, why wouldn’t we have a team uniform? By building team spirit, making things easier for the team while in the game, and helping your team to stand out, customized team apparel and uniforms will pay off for the whole team, making them an investment that doesn’t even need thinking about.

At Modern Graphics, we specialize in making stand out apparel that can be customized to meet any of your needs. Employing the latest screen printing and embroidery techniques, we can provide uniforms that your team will be proud to wear, from prices as low as $4.99 for our custom T-Shirts.

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