Why your group NEEDS custom printed hoodies.


Hoodies are so easy to wear, and so warm without adding bulk, that people become “hoodie hoarders.” Chances are that you have a stash somewhere. And chances are that one of them is your favorite.

Selling imprinted hoodies can help your group raise much-needed funds.
Selling imprinted hoodies can help your group raise much-needed funds.

Leverage that popularity and help your organization make money by selling custom printed hoodies!

Imprinted hoodies are a great way for volunteer fire departments, schools, chambers of commerce, religious groups and other organizations to raise much-needed funds. At the same time, your organization’s name is continually being promoted throughout the community, as buyers wear them to various public events and places.

Custom printed hoodies come in several different styles, from simple pullovers to zippered versions. A wide range of colors and fabrics allows you to tailor your hoodie to the season, too. There are lighter fabrics for fall and spring, and heavier fabrics for even the coldest winter day. Add your group’s logo and perhaps a clever phrase — and you’ll have a product that your members and supporters will be proud to wear everywhere!

Quality materials and inks enhance your group's appeal - and promote your cause.
Quality materials and inks enhance your group’s appeal – and promote your cause.

At Modern Graphics, you’ll find a selection that will easily allow you to earn money on each hoodie you sell. You’ll get complete help in designing your hoodie, and our designers thoroughly understand the unique challenges of imprinting intricate designs so they’ll be crisp and fresh.

In addition to fundraising activities, use the imprinted hoodies as prizes in Chinese auctions at civic events throughout your community. They’re also a terrific gift or reward for those who have gone the extra mile for your church, club, scout troop or civic organization!

Now that the weather is turning colder, it’s time to order your hoodies and make your next fundraiser a success!

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