It all began with a haircut.

Bill Glendening really needed a hair cut. Since his dad was a barber, the recent high school graduate popped in for a trim and advice on a career. His dad was happy to oblige: A local t-shirt printing shop was looking for an apprentice. “I just wanted a job,” says Bill. “I never thought screen […]

T shirts are better when you buy them locally!

When it comes to imprinted t-shirts, local is better! There are lots of things that are best ordered online because you know exactly what you’re getting. Books are a good example. So are things like copy paper, pens and brand-name ink cartridges But when it comes to imprinted t shirts, it gets trickier. See your t-shirts […]

The hoodie: An important part of your brand story.

The hoodie began life as a sweatshirt, designed in the 1920s to keep football players from becoming too hot in thick woolen jerseys. Just a few years later Knickerbocker Knitting Company (later Champion Products) added a hood to the sweatshirt to help laborers, such as dockworkers and cold storage workers, warm without too much bulk. Soon, […]

Use Caps and Hats to Advertise Your Business

How To Advertise Your Business Promotional items are ideal to advertise your business. You can add your company’s name, logo, address, and/or motto to the items depending on what you choose. Caps and hats are great items to choose because people enjoy wearing them on a regular basis. There also are many styles to choose […]

Promotional Items Such as Water Bottles Can Sell Your Products

Promotional Items – Why Drinkware is Ideal for Promoting Your Company Promotional items are an ideal way to promote your company. However, you may be in a quandary on what items you should choose to do this. The best promotional items are things that people will use on a daily basis. This way the items […]