Make School Trips More Fun with Custom T-shirts.

School is back in session! That means homework, projects, sports — and school trips. Chaperoning 20 or more students, especially young children, can be a challenge even for the most experienced teacher or parent. This is especially true if the school trip is in a crowded environment, such as historical Philadelphia, a zoo, or other popular […]

T shirts are better when you buy them locally!

When it comes to imprinted t-shirts, local is better! There are lots of things that are best ordered online because you know exactly what you’re getting. Books are a good example. So are things like copy paper, pens and brand-name ink cartridges But when it comes to imprinted t shirts, it gets trickier. See your t-shirts […]

Donate T-Shirts and Help Your Charity Raise Money!

Customized Tee shirts and hoodies are a powerful way to raise money for charities. That’s because people love to show the world that they’re supporting a worthy cause. Branded Tees also last longer than expensive mailers or ad campaigns, because they’re worn in public for months, if not years. Customized T-shirts also communicate the charity’s message and […]

The hoodie: An important part of your brand story.

The hoodie began life as a sweatshirt, designed in the 1920s to keep football players from becoming too hot in thick woolen jerseys. Just a few years later Knickerbocker Knitting Company (later Champion Products) added a hood to the sweatshirt to help laborers, such as dockworkers and cold storage workers, warm without too much bulk. Soon, […]

Top Reasons School Bands Wear Matching Shirts

Members of the school band spend hours practicing their profession every day. Separately, in small groups, or all together, they work through routines and music. Delight in a great performance makes the hectic pace worthwhile, even when it’s a practice drill on the football field. Friends and faculty sit in the bleachers to watch the […]

Writing Instruments as Promotional Tools?

While writing instruments are an inexpensive promotional tool, the business owner needs to use caution when giving them out. Not only can you not afford to provide these pens to every passing person on the street due to the long term costs, but you also need to ensure that your pen is a good quality […]

Use Caps and Hats to Advertise Your Business

How To Advertise Your Business Promotional items are ideal to advertise your business. You can add your company’s name, logo, address, and/or motto to the items depending on what you choose. Caps and hats are great items to choose because people enjoy wearing them on a regular basis. There also are many styles to choose […]

Promotional Items Such as Water Bottles Can Sell Your Products

Promotional Items – Why Drinkware is Ideal for Promoting Your Company Promotional items are an ideal way to promote your company. However, you may be in a quandary on what items you should choose to do this. The best promotional items are things that people will use on a daily basis. This way the items […]

Customized Sports Uniform Part of a Team

Joining a sports team is something that all kids should try out at least once. Children’s sports teams help kids learn how to work in a team, develop critical thinking skills, understand roles and responsibilities, and of course it helps their growing bodies develop, become stronger, and helps to keep them fit. There are many […]

Brand Your Business With Company Shirts

Branding Your Business – How it Works? Workplace uniforms can be a point of contention for some employers and employees. However, if done right, even a simple company shirt can make a big difference to your business. Custom designed shirts will help foster a stronger team culture in your business, while giving you the opportunity […]